I thought autos were small

i thought autos were supposed to be short/smaller than what mine are, day 40 from start of germ…38" and 40" tall, gg autos


How far are your lights from your plants? It looks like you could run the lights lower, but that’s just a guess.


good job? i guess???

you seem a bit disappointed. they look great

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i keep em at 18"…they are at 19" in the photo bc i had just raised them and only had another inch they could be raised after i had them at 18" so i went ahead and went the extra inch

Dang, I guess it’s an optical illusion, but it looks like more than that… the one on the right even moreso.

I’d be tempted to thin out some lower foliage since it’s all dark anyway, very gently pull the tops of the plants over, and lower the lights a tad. Definitely keep an eye on them for any stress caused by the lights. However, I’ll have to add up to now all my experience growing has been outdoors or indoors using HPS lighting, so my input may not be the best advice.

Good luck and keep posting progress pics

yea i have zero experience, my oast grows consisted of throwing a bunch of seeds outside and just lettin em go

im scared to do any thinning or anything of the sorts since i have no experience and if i mess up it will probably result in an entire loss as i only have the 2(besides the 2 young 1s)

this was 16days ago- started with 3 but 1 was hermie

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Hopefully they’ve done most of their stretching.

yea hopefully, ive heard they quit around week 6 or 7 and in 2 days they start week 6…if not i guess i could utilize the dimmers

I always aimed for more light during flowering. Before I decreased the lights, I would gently pull them over a tad and tie them off.

I’m sure some of the other guys will chime in soon.

No defoiliation now i believe. I am a gg4 guy. 2 years cloning a gg4 bean. Now just give her light…90% for her. They love water…not crazy light. This is a tent full. The new buds in wedryer trimmed last night. Trim party. Scrog taking up 4x4 of that tent

of them.


Closer to 12 weeks flower on the photo. Wait your girl out. She will get fat. Now I hitem with calmag/silicablast/flower fuel 4/34/32 or so. VERY sticky buds. Lots of resin. I am quite serious she will drink more than a lot of others. I water daily in moderation.

how far do the lights need to be from start to finish on autos? I’m new to the game and gathering research before I start.

Depends on the strain

white widow

Look at LST and take a leap. You will be so happy to did. I think Bill Ward does a decent job working with autos, LST etc. Your plants are to sparse and tall to worry about thinning out the bottoms.
You probably see the difference in how they grow outside versus inside. A strong moving sun can fill out a plant. With a stationary light you have to create a big surface for the light to hit.
You said one plant is 40" tall plus another 18 to the light. Gives you 58" to the bottom of the plant. Do you have a light meter or an app on your phone to see what the difference in light intensity is between the top and and at 58" below the light.


LST “light stress training” If you gently bend them over, a little every day the middle branches will become main colas and your yield will increase by leaps and bounds and you’ll solve the light issue. LST is easy and if you accidentally break something you can wrap it with teflon tape or any tape if that’s all you got. The buds on the broken branch will end up bigger and fatter. A lot of us break them on purpose for that reason.

i have a light meter somewhere i jus gotta find it lol…im running the spider farmer sf1000 and mars hydro ts1000…i also hung a small older blurple led hanging sideways

I got 1 doing the same thing. It’s frustrating. I had 1 pineapple auto that just continued to grow. Finally had to put her outside because she got too big for inside. Finally flowered at about 15 plus weeks. Then I had a banana kush do the same thing then it hit pre flower and just stopped all together. Never developed beyond that point.
For some reason, I never had any luck with the banana auto. 1st 2 were runt and that was my 3rd attempt.