I think you sent me the wrong seeds

How can you tell? The pic on ILGM is of a full bud. Most plants in veg visually look the same, a side from sativa and indica different leaf types.
You could also have a different phenotype then the one they grew and took the picture of. Both plants could be the same strain , and express completely different characteristics.


What do you mean by top? I’m a beginner

The little one is being over watered… :wink:


Topping is when you cut off the top newest growth to make 2 main coalas

What ph is best for Chocolope?

6.8 is ideal

Thank you👍

Your very welcome.

This is what I use to adjust the ph going in.

Thanks, I’m practicing with Chocolope. What I really want to grow, once I know what I’m doing is Harequin. I have RA and was told it would help me with pain and inflammation. Have you grow this?

What should I be feeding (fertilizing ) Chocolope with in all stages of growth?

Give this a read. It has a ton of good info in it. I promise.

As far as nutrients go, I use these

As well as the ones I bought from ILGM

Here is the fox farms feeding schedule.

Thanks again, I appreciate all the help. Have a great day!

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Anytime. That’s what were here for!!

My chocolope is growing very slowly only about 2 1/2 ft. now and the bottom leaves are turning yellow. Doing everything that you said to do, got the fertilizer and ph kit any idea why? I’m about ready to shit can the whole thing. I really want to grow Harlequin, just practicing with this one.

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Don’t give so easily. Post pics and fill out a support ticket. There are a ton of helpful peeps in this forum.

I can tag some people that can help but you gotta help us help you.

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Fill out ticket so we can help also put some pics up so we can see what’s going on as well as pics in natural light if this is your practice run then why would you throw in the can don’t give up. You will get small yields first dozen grows you will need to get some experience growing. So don’t give up you can do this worst case she dies and you start over but you will have more exp on the next grow just fight threw it and keep us up dated and we will help as much as we can if there is something I do t know I can tag someone that does so tag me after you do support ticket and get some pics here and we all will help that is what we are here for