I think this is to weak? My math sucks

I recently infused some MCT oil with some flower I had from last years grow. I sent it off to a lab and this is the result.
THC 2.92 mg/mL

CBD 1.59 mg/mL

If I use a cup of this oil and make cookies, gummy’s etc. what will the content of each item be? Assume 24 pieces.
I used decarbed flower, filled two pods in a Levo. I like this machine. Easy!

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There are 236ml/cup so:

C × 236 × S ÷ N = mg/dose

C is the number of cups
S is your strength in mg/ml
N is the number of doses

1 × 236 × 2.92 ÷ 24 = 28.7mg THC/edible
1 × 236 × 1.59 ÷ 24 = 15.6mg CBD/edible

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@poly Well that’s pretty easy. Thank you. Looks like it’s going to be ok to make edibles.

You could also get a 1ml syringe.

And use it to measure out your doses. You have about 3mg per ml and desire 24 pieces. So 24 ml is gonna be about 3mg+/- per edible. Or 2ml at 6 mg etc etc. Personally I dont meter my edible doses. I find that expectations affect outcomes. If I dont know how much is in there, then I cant over think my buzz. I use anywhere from 1.5-2 ozs material for each cup of oil Im infusing. Avg 3 tblspoons per batch of 24 cookies. 3 cookies is my usual “dose”

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I am curious as to what strain that was. Nice THC to CBD ratio.

@Spiney_norman I’m not sure what strain. I grew some White Widow, I’m pretty sure that’s it. I also had some others growing and mixed up the popcicle sticks and some of the ink ran off the markers, so not really sure. That’s why I test it.

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