I think they’re ready to chop? Pics

It’s week 12 on some photos several different strains. They all look just about even in terms of development. Here are a few pics let me know what ya think. My opinion is ready to chop


Looks nice and frosty. Do you have a picture of the the whole plant?


@Clevergrower200 like @Flitme full plant pics help
So far I see a lot of clear thricomes


Lots of clear still.

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You could pull it now but it will be a lot better if you wait a couple more

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2 things pic of entire plant would help, but I would try to wait a few more weeks if possible, good luck, but start to get your drying set up ready cause you are getting closer, and closer by the day

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Agree. A full plant pic would help, but if all of the buds look like the first pic, then by the trichs, I’d say it’s time to start thinking about what kind of buzz you want (it’d be fairly speedy right now, I think) and plan accordingly.

And one other tip…

Clear trichs look like they are made of glass, and cloudy trichs look like they are made of plastic.