I think they’re done?

Hey all,
So they look so beautiful :heart_eyes:
But I don’t know if they’re finished yet. I’ve had a few spots of bud rot on another strain/plant so I’m worried it could spread to one of my other ladies. Do you guys think this is good to cut or should I hold off for awhile more? I know I’m supposed to wait for the hairs to be 70-80% brown, thoughts would be appreciated!


Its hard to see tricomes from the picture you posted. Het a 40-60x jewelry loupe and check tricomes


Alright I’ll try to get one, what if I can’t get one soon though, is there another way?

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You won’t be disappointed if you harvest now. Could you go longer? Probably.

My opinion only.

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mobile phone camera zoomed all the way in on micro setting maybe ? :slight_smile: looks killer, great job :slight_smile:

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That loupe is the most trustworthy form of checking maturity i know…

But that girl is GORGEOUS! Do u have full body photos? Love the color. And what strain?

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It’s a local Maine strain, they call it down east skunk but who knows what it really is lol

^ this is like half the plant I’ll try to get a better pic in the morning of the whole thing.

Regardless… She’s a beaut… hows the smell? living up to her name Id wager!!