I think there may be something wrong

It could just be me being impatient but has anyone ever had a seedling sit like this for a little over 2 days

Looks like a fresh popped seed with the husk stillo attached. Leave it alone and let the husk fall off naturally.

At least that is what I think I see. :slight_smile:

Yea that’s exactly what it is and I definitely was gonna leave it alone.it’s just been sitting exactly like that for almost 3 days now,was just 2ondering if something might be wrong with it

Sometimes the husk plays a little “hard to get rid of”. As long as the cotylden looks green and healthy it should break out

Now that it’s figured out which way the light is, it’s putting down a tap root. Then it’ll push itself up and stretch for the light. The most we ever do with “stuck” seedlings is very very carefully move a little bit of the stuff away from it. Don’t dig it out, just make sure none of the chips are laying on it.

I woud say let the nature do its job :slight_smile: theres nothing wrong with it as far i can see

I see all the doctors agree… so do I…lol


I gave all four of em 2 squirts of water from my spray bottle today,first time since tuesday,I also turned on a 40 watt CFL on a 18/6 schedule,so hopefully there just being slow pokes

She’ll start to pop with the light and squirts of water from time to time


I’m no pro here but I add the same thing happen on my first time trying to pop seeds, I thought I would just let it do its thing but it just died randomly…I guess that could have been something else, I don’t know maybe it’s a sign of a special plant.

So those 4 never got anywhere so I through them away and gonna start over.I keep seeing everyone saying fox farm ocean forest is too hot for seedlings but it’s all I got and no money to get seedling starter until 1st of the month.I put 4 seeds in water for 24 hours and before I put them in the soil I tryed to “rinse” the soil out a little I guess you would say,I let the soil dry until it was just moist and not wet.I recently moved my tent inside so I have the temp at constant 72 and the humidity at 70%ish.Does anyone else think this will help give me a better chance.

As soon as that seedling gets roots, it’s going to start sucking in nutrients. The leaves won’t be ready for it. I would use outside plain old dirt before I’d use Nuted soil for seedlings.

Congratulations on your first soil “flush”, lol. Yes, it might help keep the seedling from getting burnt from too strong of nutrients.

You might want to flush the soil even more, and by testing the “runoff” or water that comes out of the soil, you can even see the EC/PPM drop as you flush more and more water through the soil. This is one of the ways you can keep an eye on what is going on in your soil, you can also test this runoff for pH as well.

Well I live in ga so if I go get plain old dirt from outside it will be more like plain old clay,I planted some of my outside plants with miracle grow moisture control,would it be a good Idea to grab some of that off the top and move them to that.And Mcgyversroner if I try to flush the soil they are in now will it drown them?they were just put in last night if that helps,and I forgot to say I mixed the ffof with about 20% black gold worm castings

No I meant flush the soil more, before you really plant them in it, maybe a different batch of soil to transfer them to before they get going.

And why the worm castings? You are just upping the nutrients again!

Also, maybe just put the seeds in a wet paper towel until you have the low nutrient soil fully prepared. I wouldn’t want them sitting in moist soil that might be too nutrient hot.

Well the worm casting would be cause the guy at the hydro store didn’t give me the right info lol,I over watered my first batch a few weeks ago so he said it would help with drainage.so I guess I should rinse some more soil really good and move em over right now then huh.should I get some soil from my gardens plants like I said earlier and try that?the ph may be off though due to all the rain we have had all week

Worm casing are a very rich natural fertilizer. It can be very strong stuff.

Ok very good to know,I’m gonna try flushing some more soil really well and moving them tonight and if I screwed up,well lesson learned I guess.I still got 4 more seeds so i will definetly save those until I have a seed starting soil,any brand in mind or custom mixture that works best.and I greatly appreciate all the help man,yall are the shit

I think anything that is labeled clearly “seedling starter mix” will do. You should be able to find something off the shelf real cheap at most hardware or nursery supply stores.

Also mcgyverstoner,I just looked on the bag of the black gold worm castings and it said 0.08-0.00-0.00,doesn’t that mean very low N and no P&K