I think she's pollinated. What do I do now?

Ok so I only have 1 plant. It’s 10 1/2 weeks old. It’s 4 weeks into flowering. I noticed pollen sacs on it. About 5 so it hermied on me :frowning: I then found bananas :frowning: Ive been pinching them off but now I’m noticing the pistils are browning which I think means theyve been pollinated? They are super sticky with alot of trichromes. Should I just keep growing it since it’s the only plant? Should I harvest it and see if I can get something out of it? Im super bummed right now. She’s such a pretty girl and doing well. Will the trichromes dissappear now that it’s pollinated? Please help!


from my experience with herms if u keep pinching the nut sacks of they will eventually stop growing back and the plant will still produce flower. i have a plant right now that is herming and the pistils are browning as well but shes getting ready to start pre flower so the pollen sacks def have not opened and pollend my plant…i hope this gave u some help and good luck!!!

Yes thank you! Im a nwbie so any advice helps!

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anytime!!! im glad i can help id love a update on how everything works out for you and good look!!!(: