I think she may need a bigger pot

Roots have been showing for a few days out the bottom. She seems to have curled in a bit. Was hoping to switch her to flower early to keep her small. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

I would pot up if roots are coming out the bottom. The leaf curling is most often caused by watering issues or improper pH.


I would not recommend that type of pots , repot ASAP , can almost see the root bound at the bottom of the pot

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Agreed on the pots. They are my two extras just in case. It’s what was around when they got to big for jiffy pot. I’ll do that. As far as water and ph been on a three day wet until drain with ph levels at 6.3 going in ff ocean. Could that be a issue ? I will test the run off next watering. And transplant. Thanks y’all.
I’m using 5gallon fabric pots for my girls in the scrog setup. :+1:t4:

in her new pot now. I have a box waiting for her to be all up in. Just waiting on my fans then she will be in a different room.

Thanks for the advice.

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No bother you are golden now , ocean forest it’s hot but for a plant that size she’s just gonna dig it’s roots into it and pop off in 3-5 days time, just make sure the new soil it’s moist so root can follow the new frontiers


@Randy_Marsh hey thanks man she looks happier and bouncing back rapidly

Got another pick at ya if i may.

This is one of the four on my scrog table she looks hurt. I may replace her with the divine (newly potted) but looks as if her new stem after tipping is deformed or munched on. Idk should I be patient or just swap her out now? Any ideas ?

Yeah don’t worry about that part in a month or so that will be part of the bottom layer , probably end up cut in defoliation, just let it ride it out new look will come out new I hope if not genetics , lil pinch :pinching_hand: damage after top maybe , nothing serious she’ll come back

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Hey I have ro water going in at 164 ppm coming out at 268 ppm should I be giving them som more nutes ? Fox farm ocean forest plants are a month above ground and look healthy to me.

Again thanks for the advice man. Appreciate it a lot.