I think my plants are having grow issues!

Im currently working on 2 Gorilla glue autoflower, from this site, im growing them on FoxFarm potting soil in 5gal. Clothe containers, in a 2 by 4 by 60 growing tent, with a viparspectra va600 grow light, 2 small fans for air , and chorcal filter. Put my seeds in water for 12 to 18 hrs, both seeds sprout a tail (so far so good) then i placed them in their forever home on October 4th, today October 11th , after seen so.w other results i think my plants are having early grow issues currently im only watering the plants with plain water, since Foxfarms claims their soil wont need nutrients till 30 days, ive been keeping the temperature between 76° and 80°F with RH of 55% light cycle 20 on 4 off for right now and so far this is the result , am i missing somthing or overdoing something the plants are barely 2 inches tall !, this are the plants after a full week under the conditions describe before 20201011_122840|281x500 20201011_122956|281x500

I would guess you dropped them in soil a bit early or buried it a tad too deep. No big deal I would subtract a week from my schedule and keep rolling on.

The plant that you see that has both reall leaflets i put is at 1 and half inch whole and the smaller oner with one leaflet was put at 3/4 of an inch cause the tail was way smaller

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Seeds should be planted about 1/4-3/8 inch deep.

I soak my seeds and watch for them to split open. At that point I know the seed germinated and I go directly to soil just dropping the seed into a small hole and let the seed figure out the rest. If you wait for a big tail then you have to make the hole deeper and worry about placing it in the soil with the tap root facing downward.

What I do is make about a 1/4 " endention with my finger then stick a toothpick in the middle for the tail to sit in and they’re up by the next evening, I can’t remember a time that it didn’t work but it could have failed 30-35 years ago those years were pretty fussy and I don’t remember much about them

Plants look fine. Your overthinking it.

Let em grow !!

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Ok that took a good laugh out of me , i know im overthink it so if they look fine im just gonna let it go thank you again :slight_smile: !