I think my girls are sick

My plants are light green with yellow spots on them what should I do please help

Any pictures, that will help to see what’s going on🥴

Looks likes it’s time to put into bigger pots, but good start, what lights are you using

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is the light green bad? and the tip is a yellowish… also what is the ph (water) supposed to be? i have been using 6.35

Newer growth tends to be lighter in color. Itll darken as it grows older/bigger. Ph for soil grow (6.3-6.9) with 6.5 being the sweet spot. And those babies are young. Look healthy and should be almost ready for a bigger pot.


+1. I think they look really good actually, and would be thinking of the next pot. Also, I can’t tell if you have drainage holes in the red cups, but be sure you have drainage always. Roots sitting in water = bad things. Good job!

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what is the run off reading supposed to be at?