I think my 1 gallon smart pot has a darainage problem please help

I have a 4 week old auto berry autoflower in a fabric 1gallon smart pot filled with roots organic original and i added perlite. Since it’s a autoflower and i started it in the one gallon smart pot i just recently started watering untill i see run off. The first time i watered untill i seen run off it took 16oz of water to get run off and i got a lot of run off the 2nd time i watered untill i seen run off it took almost 32oz of water to get run off and i got less run off then the first time. now its the 3rd time i watered untill i seen run off and it took 40oz of water and i got very little run off. Is this normal or do i have a drainage problem ?

You have to saturate soil or it doesn’t retain water the reason like water on dry dirt will pool this just means your soil let water mostly pass through it first time you watered

Are you saying when the soil is moist it will hold more water ? Does this mean i over watered my plant ? Because it took alot more water to get run off this last time i watered it. maybe my soil was still moist and did not need to be watered. I picked up my smart pot before i watered it and it felt really light

he is saying, the first time you watered, it didnt retain much…because it wasnt saturated yet.

i work in irrigation for 20+ years.
and we install a lot of drip irrigation. i ALWAYS have to drill it into customers head…SOAK soil before you run drip system on regular basis, and they dont,…and things dont stay moist because it was never initially saturated well.
after i return 2 -3 times they finally listen usually lol.

same concept here though, like Donald said[quote=“Donaldj, post:2, topic:4245”]
You have to saturate soil or it doesn’t retain water

you mite try advanced nutrient product like wet betty . if your having trouble getting ur soil to absorb water . lacking that try 1-2 drops of Dawn dish soap to a gal of water .to make it start to absorb use only once or twice. i used to use promix BX and add perlite and vermiculite, if you add cold water or first watering it would push most of the medium .out onto to table . and stay dry as a bone … surface tension of the water, worse with well water .

40 oz sounds about right i use 1 gall smart pots too and about what they take on average to be fully watered

maybe im old school but what the heck is a smart pot ?? does it have a USB port ??lmao

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fabric pot lmao

Was looking for a usb micro on my dwc bucket’s . fell out of chair lmao


lol in soil the pots are what they say smart they allow airflow through entire pot dry faster are almost impossible to over water mainly I like how fast they dry lets me feed more :slight_smile: