I think it's time

Good evening everybody. I am sending some new pics we have more rain coming upstate New York I looked at the flowers the best I could I think they are just about ready if they are I plan on Harbison tomorrow a.m. please take a look let me know what y’all think. Thanks to all of your help


Still has several weeks to go. All of those pistils will turn brown when it’s ready.


+1. A lot of white pistils there. Buds are ready to harvest when most of the “hairs” have darkened and curled in and you can see the solid bud underneath.

Crop-tober is getting close.

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IMO at least 3 weeks they should fatten up a lot.

Like the others said 3-4 weeks.

Rather than harvesting them maybe thin out the leaves and open the plant up. Allow as much air and sun as possible to help dry the out