I think it's male. Would love a second opinion though!

I have two plants and I’m pretty sure one is female. (Has white hairs). The other I am not sure about. They both came from the same plant but look a lot different so I am thinking I have one of each. They were planted at the same time.

At any rate, here are the pictures of my babies! I’d like to know if one should be aborted or if I should wait and see! :wink:

A girl! Right? Also her stems are just green and smoother and she’s much bushier overall from the other plant.

Unsure! The left one looks pointed while the right ball is more round. This one has more rigid stems with streaks of red/brown. Also taller than my other plant and not as bushy.

I would give it another couple days, I thought I saw a small pistil in the to picture but it could of been a fuzz or just my eyes haha
Let some others weigh in as well


There’s definetly some white pistils in the top picture (first) but the second picture is a bit harder to tell. Just give it some time and if you keep getting white hairs your good, if you get seed sacks your hosed.


Top one looks like a lady. As others have said give it a few days and check the 2nd.
How old are they?

I wouldn’t give up on it yet it looks female

They are about 7-8 weeks old. I’m going to guess this is a Strain that takes longer to grow? Am I being impatient or do you think they are rather small for their age?

I agree the first one. That second one though! I’m not sure what to think. I’ll wait it out. Here’s another section of the second one.


Oh yeah now I see what your saying . Still got a few days to make sure but that is highly suspect