I think it's a scam?

This morning I received an email to my personal account that appeared to be legit. The subject was something like “We’ve missed you, it’s been awhile”. The content suggested that it’s been over a year since we last heard from you and so forth nearly begging me to order more seeds. Now I have my ILGM setup to deliver to my personal and my work email accounts. I never got a second delivery, this gave me the feeling that someone was trying to scam me. Well that and the fact that I was never solicited to buy seeds from ILGM ever and not sure that they ever would. @latewood; @ILGM.support.stacy
Should I be paranoid??? :gun: :oncoming_police_car:

Hope not, i receive emails all the time from ilgm

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Yes I also receive emails from ILGM on cultivating and specials. But was never asked to return to buy more and the suggestion that it was over a year since last heard from. I purchased seeds earlier this year.?? @Tinman

I got something like that also

I never ever open any email that I am not 100% certain of. Hell, I don’t even open emails from the Veterans Administration. I had my old Hotmail account hacked by an employee of my Service Provider.

How did I know? A buddy of my that was a Bounty Hunter had a team member call a buddy of his and traced it to the hacker at work. I guess the hacker got a call and started to do a massive dump.

I guess the hacker was scared s***less. I went to gmail since MSN wouldn’t got back to a previous save on my account.

You can easily see who it is actually from by clicking on the senders name.

You will then see the actual e mail address it is sent by.

I received an email from ilgm a few days ago that mentioned seeds. Pretty sure it was legit.

I e had the same email on my ole lady address before I switched to my own