I think it’s time for first harvest? Any advice appreciated

I was going to start 48 hour darknesss and then harvest. Most trikes look white does this sound good?..

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How long has it been in flower? What strain? Indica dominate or sativa dominate?
Still looks like some white pistils. Do you have anyway to check Trichomes

I prefer a daytime smoke so at first sign of amber is when I harvest

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White widow fem 8 weeks of flower trics look mostly white

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Is this your first harvest, I would wait one more week. They really bulk up in the last week and you don’t want to miss out on that weight.


Right now most of the veg weight is in the sugar leaves. If you wait, the parts between the sugar leaves will grow outward and swell up the bud. If you harvest at this stage they will be good smoke but shrink up to half their cut size when dried.

The Amber won’t start until almost all the hairs are curled back into the bud. Still too fuzzy.


Yes first one

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Thanks I will take you guys advice

I remember being so neurotic on my first, jewelers lens. Pics. Questioning… is this clear, white, milky? I def. Love the daytime smoke too

That’s exactly where I’m at

Cut a small nug off and try it out see if you like it. All depends on you. If you like more of a heart racing real productive high then chop early. If you want a mellow combo high then 20% Amber is what your looking for. If you want go to sleep then at least 75% Amber.

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