I think it’s spider mites

Hello everyone, I know I’ve seen it mentioned on here before on how to take care of pests, but I didn’t pay attention to what was said to get. I inspect my plants every night and just noticed this last night but apparently I overlooked it. Once I found this, I went a little crazy and inspected every single leaf which took me a couple hours. I didn’t capture it on video or anything but I actually saw it move. Is it possible that it just hopped on the plant recently. I think it’s spider mites but I’m sure you guys know better. This is only my second grow and I have a lot to learn. Thanks once again

I don’t know if I panic but the branch that I noticed the web like stuff on, I ended up cutting it off the plant so it didn’t spread.

That was for sure a good move
I’m pretty new at this and have never seen that, so I can’t be of much help.
Hopefully some experts chime in

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I just found this little worm/caterpillar and took it off the plant. I really need some kinda pesticide

Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Juice Concentrate. Mix at 1.5x strength and spray every evening. Top to bottom. Some of the webs look like meely bugs. They’re little moth-like bugs that blend in with the web/cottony stuff they make. The caterpillars are the real killers though. They will burrow into the buds and not only eat and kill it, causing bud rot, but they doodoo all over it as well. You can use CJDBJ right up until harvest. Spray every evening til you don’t see pests, then go to every 2 or 3 days to maintain.


I like to alternate between C.J.'s and Safer Caterpillar Killer. The two products tend to target different pests and like C.J.'s it is not toxic to humans or pests.

Just plan on doing a bud wash in peroxide at harvest.

I started using mesh plant covers which keeps those little bastards off of your plants.

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Hope this works for you

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