I think it’s a fungal problem but not sure… looking for advice on a safe treatment

Hey there
i grew these outside and just moved them in for flower a couple weeks ago… i did notice this starting on one plant when they where outside , i just never did anything about it … now spreading to the others…
i have heard of bringing your rent up to around 140 degrees for a bit to kill off all yucky stuff… anyone confirm that this is a good route… or give me any other good advice?
much appreciated

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Not a good idea and I’m not sure how you might even accomplish it.

A dilute peroxide spray will rid the plant of any fungi.


@Sugarnuts420 Looks like spider mites my friend look close with magnifien glass top and bottom happy growing my friend

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Central Coast Garden Green Cleaner!!!

well crap,
thank you

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@MidwestGuy 140 degrees? Lol


treating them now
i appreciate your help

and the 140 degree thing was from a guy who owns a shop…

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We all hate those things!


I would check out Growers Ally Crop Defender3. I’ve used growers ally products on all my grows with results. The nice part about crop defender, it’s a miticide, insecticide and fungicide all in one. When i first started using their product, i had to use their Spider mite in one sprayer and fungicide in another. Super convenient to have only one sprayer for both products. If you go onto growers ally site, you can get a sample bottle for about $10 or can order a bottle that’ll do up 25 gallons at about 10ml/gallon.

thank you

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Your welcome. Another thing I forgot to mention is you can use it till the day you harvest. Happy growing!