I think it is Time!

I think it almost time bro!!! One of my seeds is starting to surface I can see the top of its head trying to poke out a little. The seed Is still attached. It didn’t completely break through but I can see it’s head. Should I turn on my light? I have been doing 18 hours on and 6 hrs off to sprout them. My tent was at 69 degrees with 32% humidity about 10 mins ago. I turned up my room temp to 78 degrees so my tent can heat up. When should I take the plastic baggy off I don’t want to harm the little girl who is breaking surface?

If tent humidity is 30 then I would leave it on a couple days, however need to vent everyday and yes you can have your light on as soon as they pop,even before actually


Consider increasing your temperature and humidity. I prefer 80%+ RH at 81 degrees for seedlings, and they must always have lights on them


2700 lm CFL that has a reflector on it I have one on each cup now that they’ve popped out they are going in the tent under 18 on 6 off

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What can I do to increase the humidity?

I increase Mine by using a dome (or cover) and adding bottom Heat, you can also mist frequently