I think it is overwatering

I think j have overwatered this plant, what should i do?

Get new soil that looks no bueno


Or is there any other solution?

No. Get potting soil. That looks like backyard dirt you’re using.


What kind of soil are you using?

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No its a potting soil but i have overwatered it much bcoz i was correcting my ph.

Where’s the perlite?


In cannabis growing if you think you are overwatering, then you probably are. Cannabis thrives with wet/dry cycles.

A suggestion: back off the nitrogen a bit. Those dark leaves will turn waxy before long and you will see burned tips.

Otherwise looking great. Don’t worry about those yellowed lower leaves. It’s normal.


@MidwestGuy got ya. Let them dry mostly out before watering again. Side note, it’s kinda hard to tell but how many plants are in that pot?

Great comment. There should always be only one plant per pot. Otherwise the roots become entangled and they compete for water and nutrients. Two different plants may very well mature at different rates too.


There us only one plant

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I dont use it

1 plant snd i will be changing soil tomorrow, will it be good?

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There’s one of your problems


What are you planning on using?

Is there any other solution than changing the soil?

There is one more thing, today i saw inside my pot trays that there was some water inside them, possibly from pants for around 2 days, which i have removed today, can this also br my problem?

It might be. Try to water until you get some runoff and then don’t let them sit in it, remove the runoff. Which soil are you thinking about transplanting into?

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Same soil

I have got some extra bags of that soil