I think I'm nearing the end of the road, any helpful hints, advice or critiques are welcome

This is/was my 1st ever attempt at growing my own bud and I went commando in how I’ve grown it.
Basically, I got high and had the bright idea to throw some seeds I had (nothing special just regular indica) in a pot and see what happens. The only special treatment my lil homie got was good potting soil. Everything else was natural. Window sill sunlight & in the closet for the 12 hours of darkness. I really had no expectations for my yield since this was just really a “fun” grow to see what happens but I plan on investing in some equipment should it turn out relatively well. Any advice and or criticism would be helpful. Thanks!


Looks pretty good for what you have in it. Looks like a few more weeks until she’s ready. Be warned though, this hobby is addictive and you may have gone down the rabbit hole. I enjoy growing as much as smoking! Welcome to the forum and if you choose to continue this hobby, there are lots of experienced growers here that can help you grow good weed. If you can ask questions and follow directions then the fine folks here can get you there. :sunglasses:


I kinda feel like I jumped headfirst in the rabbit hole lol I had the time to do it all organically this go round so I can only imagine how much easier it’d be with a proper grow room. I’m itching to sample my work tho lol Appreciate the feedback!


Looks great but definitely needs more time


Your weeks away at best im thinking 4 or more myself
But things look good so far


You’ll be even happier when those buds start swelling up and get frosty!

That day can’t get here fast enough lol
Here’s something that’s kinda weird tho…I have another plant in the same pot but its way way smaller. I don’t remember planting it but it mightve been one that had broken after my initial attempt was derailed by my cat. The krazy part is it looks farther along than my big one

Update on my top 2 weeks later


Looks like you’re getting there. Do you have a way to check trichomes? Now would be the time to start check ing. Pretty bud.

Thats what I don’t have atm. Tbh I never thought I’d get to this point so I didn’t plan this far ahead lol

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If I remember correctly, I think once my plant’s pistil production slowed or stopped I had about a week until done. Pistils are the white hairs that turn brown/red. Don’t use this as gospel as all plants mature differently. Just my experience.

My top pistils are definitely done growing & are turning/have changed color & there’s various mixtures along the stalk.

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Without a scope to check trichomes its really hard to tell but from the last pic, I’d say at least 2 more weeks. She looks like she’s still throwing a decent amount of new pistils.

Thats what I was thinking…I’m in uncharted territory so I definitely appreciate the help

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No sweat. You can get a jeweler’s loupe pretty cheap from amazon. They prove invaluable. I think I paid 7 or 8 bucks for mine.

Good looking out. I’ll check on getting one asap

As you get further into this hobby, you’ll get a collection of growers tools. Some are nice to have, others are necessary. Ph meter and jeweler’s loupe are necessary.

Apparently my loupe was lost in transit so here’s where I’m at a lil more than a week later

What strain is that.

All I know is that its a sativa based strain from a seed I had at some point during my adventures in smoking