I think I'm losing my girls - Help!

Ref my grow journal: https://ilgm-growjournals.com/journal/1107-elfs-1st-journal/week/14

I’m in week 15 and have been dealing with yellowing and losing of the leaves since my brother “forgot” to water while I was away. It’s just getting worse and I can’t seem to get ahead of it. I adjusted the light strength down as it was suggested it might be light burn. Next it was suggested too much nutrients, then too little.
All secondary leaves are pretty well gone and now it’s the leaves within the buds. How can I stop this? What is going on?
Please, someone give me solid advice as I don’t want to lose these at this point.

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If the soil got too dry then the tiny hairs on the roots dried up and died.
Up close cannabis root.

It takes some time to regrow them and for the plant to recover.
Some of the leaf damage will be permanent.
Feeding too much at this point could burn those new fine hairs and slow down the recovery.
So feed lightly, maybe half strength and give it time to recover. Dont overwater as they need oxygen to grow and work. It looks like it will make it fine, but turning green again probably wont happen.


And also if you have or can get any get some fish and seaweed fertilizer and give them some of that should help a little.


I am not sure about the leaves falling off, but quite honestly, my WW did this right before it was time to harvest, about two weeks prior to the big chop. I switched off the nutes 3 weeks before harvest (thought it was only gonna be a week, but the trichomes werent where I wanted them just yet…) but did keep watering them. The leaves were browning, yellowed, and the tips were underturned. It looked a lot like this plant. How are the trics looking?


Thanks all. I feel a little bit better about this. The buds are still swelling and growing, so I a bit more at ease there. I need to take a photo of the trichomes and I’ll post it here to see what you all think.

I’ve cut back the nutrients to about 1/4 of normal. Watering is being monitored each day with a meter and at this point they are being watered every other day.

Currently at these being in week 16, I estimate harvest within the next week or 2, but I’ll verify that with the trichomes. Last time I didn’t and I harvested too soon.

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As promised.
Sorry for the poor pics, at my age and my condition, it’s very tough to keep my hands steady enough for really good pics, but I try…:wink: As you’ll see, I still have some time to go.


they are looking good, and yes, still some time to go. Love, nutes, water. Cures a lot of ails.

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