I think im later into flower

I think im later into flower than I originally thought. By my app it says im 7 weeks, but I didn’t even know I was into flower due to it being a autoflower, which actually seems harder for a newbie like myself becaue you don’t know when exactly you into flower. I think photo periods are easier because you can start from the day you switch your light cycle. But anyway I think im about 2 weeks off because I didn’t put down I’m into flower until I seen alot of white flowers and I counted that as week one lol…so yeah I think i.messed up…next time I’m sticking with photo periods …lol…any help will be appreciated.

Foxtailing and hermied out all the little yellow bananas sticking out of the buds are pollinators and they are riddled all over that bud may have been stressed or it went to long and is finishing its lifecycle but that’s a lot of nanners
A lot of people think autos are easier to start out with but that’s not exactly true can either go really well or can go really really wrong and disappointing some have great luck with them some don’t, I’ve grown 3 autos and they did well but I don’t think I will grow them ever again unless of course I get seeds for free, just have better control of photos so therefore they are easier to grow most of the time

I have never purposely grown an auto but I have had some go into flower months before other ones right beside em.

Anyways cut it down, dry, and cure it… it’s gonna have seeds but will smoke and without seeing the trichomes I’m gonna throw out there that it’s probably over ripe and will be a couch lock high. We all have learned alot from mistakes


Idk this auto was wierd it grew to about 6ft…I didn’t expect it to grow that big for a northern lights auto

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Should I try flushing it before I cut it down or just forget about it…and thank you

I don’t flush my plants so I’m not the right one to ask because I’ll say no everytime

Na she’s too far gone I’d spilt her main stem and throw her in 48 of darkness to try and get most trichs

Thank you all…this is my first grow…i thought I had this but I guess not…lol…hopefully my durban poison photos come out better then this one I had I high hopes but hopefully I can manage to get somthing out of it

Just making it to harvest on your 1st try is a win. I don’t know what % don’t make it to the end but it’s probably around half. After growing outside for 30 years my health forced me inside (I can’t hike up to my grow area) and my 1st try was pretty weak

Thanks for the encouragement I started growing because my wife got MS so at least she got somthing to smoke …might not be the best …but somthing none the less…again thank you everybody for your help

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