I think I'm close to harvest?

White Widow Auto-flower.

These two plants are 62 days in. I figured the clear/milky/cloudy trichome test would be easy but wow do my eyes suck. I’m also not convinced I have a strong enough jewelers loupe. (30x22mm and 60x12mm) but I haven’t really figured out how to get a good view with the 60.

I assume I have maybe 10-14 days left, but I have no idea.

Here are some pictures. Any input?


Still have 1-3 weeks left. Just keep checking tricomes

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I was gonna say mine look further along than that and I got about 3 more weeks. I can’t tell with the foliage I cut all that out. But I can see all the bud sites forming down all the branches on mine.

Oh wow. I was hoping I’m closer because it’s very hot and I really used the wrong soil. I was hoping to not experience anymore nutrient burn before harvest. Thanks for the info.

Right I understand I had heat issues myself.

Like my top cola is beginning to get really sticky and looks almost like it has frost on it.

I’d say you have at least 3 weeks probably longer. You’ll see some fattening of the buds and increase of trichs

I have to remove a small sample to view under a scope or loupe. No way can I otherwise get a good look at the trichomes.

What soil was that?
Even if the soil was wrong, it looks like you pulled her through. Looks good. Couple of weeks at least.
Harvested 10 WWA. Shortest was 71 days (more than likely took her early). Average of the remaining 9 closer to 90 - 100 days

Yeah, I’m hoping we got through the nutrient overloads of the soil. This was the soil I used: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Sta-Green-64-Quart-Potting-Soil-Mix/3652027

Because it releases nutrients, I’m always scared of an influx of nutrients. I plan to use Happy Frog with the next batch.

I had no idea my eyes were so bad until I tried to look at these trichomes through the loupe. Thanks for sharing your timelines.

Updates since it’s been 2 weeks.

Well, it’s not good. But thanks for asking I experienced an infestation of caterpillars/ worms. In the matter of two days, they essentially destroyed both of my plants that were at 75 days and one of my plants that was at 68 days. I was only able to salvage a couple of small buds from those three plants. I have another that is 68 days old that might have avoided the worst of it, although I picked off two cocoons yesterday. But they don’t appear to be inside the plant…maybe? They haven’t destroyed any buds in the last 24 hours. My youngest plant is around 58 days old and it’s got a long ways to go. I cut off the only bud that appeared to be impacted. I do have a lot of milkweed on my property and I was keeping the plants in that area. I won’t do that again. So, I realize what I did cut off those three plants probably wasn’t ready, but it was really all I could save off them. This was my first grow and I after investing 2-3 months into them, it was pretty crushing. It’s been my quarantine project, so that was kind of a slap in the face.

I did pick up some Happy Frog yesterday, so maybe I’ll try for another round and learn from my mistakes. Although my understanding is that Happy Frog soil will require more care with nutrients, so that’s another thing for me to mess up!

Here are some pics of the damage. As I dug into the buds, I uncovered huge spots of rot and when I pulled it apart, there was always a critter there.

Sorry for your loss. Stay vigilant, check crop often, once found there is more.