I think I was given bad advice

Hi everyone. I’m a new grower and have been given a lot of advice (some I’m not so sure was good). I bought six clones for a penny at a new dispensary’s grand opening. Four of them appear healthy and two do not. They’ve all been on the same watering and feeding schedule, and all getting the same thing so I don’t know why these two are not doing well. I am growing them in earthboxes outdoors, and water when they feel light, and here’s the big question. I was told by the person selling the clones to feed once every ten days. I was told on another forum that they appear that they are starving. The pH of the soil is 6.8, and I feed with an organic tea that I make from peat humus compost, earthworm castings, unsulfured molasses, distilled water, and liquid kelp. I recently added a bloom booster because they entered the flowering stage.

I think after research that I may have an idea as to what went wrong and needed someone to give me some feedback. When I first planted my girls outdoors and watered them with rainwater, thinking that rainwater is neutral. Boy was I wrong. I tested a fresh batch of rainwater yesterday and it tested out at 7.61. For the first month, this is what they were getting, and I was also making my organic tea out of rainwater. I noticed that they weren’t taking in much water, but I read they don’t need as much water as new growers think. They still looked good but when I started feeding them they still weren’t taking much water. This is when I decided to switch to distilled water for watering and making organic tea ( I really need to invest in an RO filtration system).

Is it possible that the high pH of the rainwater caused nutrient lockout? Can they bounce back from this? Should I try adding bokashi bran to my tea? How often should they be getting fed? The bloom booster I was using had a ration of 15-35-11. I am switching to an organic heirloom tomato food containing biozome with a ratio of 2-5-3 thinking the other one was too high in nutrients.

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My first thoughts looking at the picture I don’t see any burn on the leaves looks like the plant is feeding off of itself. You look to be in the flowering stage I would use a bloom nute which is high in P & K. There are several different kinds on the market that is proven for cannabis.

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could your soil mix be too dense? As in not enough aeration. I would peel back that film and wiggle a finger in there. Cannabis does not like wet soil.


Thank you for your input. Should I stick with the organic orchid bloom booster? It’s P is 35 and the K is 11, or is that too high? I was told that ideally the ratio should be what is in the tomato fertilizer.

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The soil feels nice and loose and just a little damp. It just barely sticks to my fingers when I put them in there. It is quite warm though. The temps here have been in the mid 90s with heat indices of 110.

Just a thought , What is the red tarp for? Is it possible that tarp is trapping heat and over heating the roots? Maybe take the soil temp? @cannaberry


Elementary my dear @Watt-Sun!

Sounds plausible


I see what happens to my grass when I leave a tarp out for a few hours. Lol

I have never used the product but I think it would be okay. I have used Scott’s super bloom which is also very high in k p and had good results. I think I would consider getting rid of the plastic. Good luck finishing up.

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Yup im with Sherlock Homeboy up there. Toss the tarp. And get those ladies a meal. Best of luck

Choice between 2-5-3 and 3-7-2 for bloom? The 2-5-3, lower N, higher K


It’s supposed to keep the moisture in the soil as well as increase the yield, or that’s what I was told. It was fine at the beginning when I first planted them a month ago because the temps were still cool here (in the 60s and 70s).

Think id rather cover my soil with mulch (dont do this, plays with ph) or better yet perlite (excellent choice btw)


Hahaha sherlock homeboy wtf :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m thinking maybe replacing the red tarp with a wood-based mulch to keep the moisture in. Would this be better?

It would. But mulch’s do damage to ph balances. Id go with perlite honestly. They hold a bit of moisture. And u dont gotta worry about ph wonky problems. I also top my soil with worm castings. Plants love that stuff


I do use the worm castings in my organic tea. I’ll go with the perlite suggestion and see how that does. Should I mix it in with the top layer of my soil? With the red covers my soil temps were 108 degrees!

Hi, just a thought on that perlite, wait till next time and mix it in with your soil or coco. Perlite now on top will be a mess, when you water it is going to float off. if that tarp is on the soi,l it is not the problem. The tarp on the grass was a bad comparison since you dont have the tarp OVER the top of your plant. Go with the More Bloom Fert. suggestion with a low Nitrogin and correct PH. But what do I know, I too am a newbie. Good Luck.

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I had thought of the perlite getting washed off as well. I put 3-4 cups perlite in each Earthbox and gently worked into the soil a good eight inches, being careful around the roots. I noticed when I took the mulch covers off the top of the soil appeared to be compacted. Here is what it looks like now.

The soil is still damp a few inches in, and the reservoir has water in it. The temperature of the soil has dropped almost 10 degrees from 108 to 98.4.
Tomorrow I am feeding and was thinking of giving a foliar feeding too. I noticed on this website a symptom checker and decided to take a look. Is it possible this girl has a Molybdenum deficiency? I removed a few pink leaves with a deep red vein running down the center.

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Not the best woth deficiencies. But looking good. Hated seeing that hot tarp. And yes perlite floats. But if it goes AWAY then you are simply pouring too fast. If you drench the soil too quickly it compacts the soil anyway. Its better to pour slowly and evenly. Or even mistly spray it

I’m a firm believer in slow watering. It’s the best way to get it deep to the roots. I thought about just misting the top of the soil tomorrow when I do a foliar feeding.

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