I think I should begin flowering soon

4 California Dreams Indoor recirculating DWC. (70% indica and 30% sativa for sizing) They were planted late November, and average about 13 inches tall, 16 inches wide. The grow tent is a 4x4x7 so plenty of room, (Loosing 1.5 feet with my adjustable height light, but I can hang it higher if necessary).

I know when to veg is entirely up to me and that I’m near the end of the normal time (about 9 weeks now), but I also plan on changing the light from a 1k watt led grow light to a 2k watt led grow light for flowering to help with the yield and wondered if I should let them stay in veg a little longer under the new stronger light before flowering.

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7’ tall tent, if your not scrogging, is plenty tall to allow your plants to continue to veg if that’s what you wanna do, especially at only 13" tall.

If your in a trellis net, cover about 60% of the net with the plant and then flip to flower

it’s a first time grow, and I’m making enough mistakes, I don’t need to add to them with plant training. Will do scrogging on second grow.and start with training experiments (topping some of them, trimming the lower branches etc…) This is just to get me 1 successful harvest.

I know I have room to let them grow bigger, but I want to flower soon. The only thing holding me back in the incoming light change from a 1k watt LED to a 2k watt LED, I’m not sure if I should give them a week under the new light to get used to it before the strain of flowering.

No, you don’t have to give them time to adjust. They will do that them selves. Just place your light where you want it and flip her to 12/12.
Your plants very well may double in size the first two weeks or so.
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Thank you, I love this community and I’m sorta counting on that double in size thing, but 4 plants should keep me in weed long enough to get a second harvest going.

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i agree, hang the other light and flip to 12/12.!!

what is the actual watts of those 2 LED light’s.?

if the tent gets full u may want to use both lights…???

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This is the one in there now… (150 watts)

This is the one I want to put in there. (390 watts)

Will order it Feb 1 as soon as I have the money for it.

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Blurple LED takes 50-60 wpsf,
4’ x 4’ = 16 sq ft x 50-60 wpsf = 800 - 960 actual watts

for flower…
u would need 2 of the big ones and the small LED to completely fill a 4x4 with light.!

u can squeeze the plants to one corner and use the 150w and 390w Blurple to cover a 3x3 area.!
even if u get 900 watts of Blurple LED in there it is still not great lighting,
HID, CMH, COB, and QB all out do Blurple, both in veg and flower.!


Don’t get discouraged you got it. They do double in size. Check my journal. Welcome to ILGM! We started about the same time. I did SCROG method. My plants were stumpy on purpose. Now not so stumpy in week 2 of flower. Still stretching. From my experience I expect mine to stop stretch a 3-4ft height. The spread is just as vicious. Good luck. I know you can do this. It’s a weed. Like those plants outside. You step on it but it continues to live. As long as you feed & water you will get something. The lights are important and I blend all my lights the entire grow. Think of it like this. Less light equals more stretch so in veg state you want a lot of light to get good branching and decent height. Or little light = few long branches In flower more light means big buds so less light means the bud will “stretch” and be fluffy. Use both. It works.


So I should swap put the lights every couple days to make the plants stretch for the weaker one then blast the buds with the stronger one?

The weaker one is still a thousand watt equivalency (allegedly) led set, other one is a 2k led set, but I can mount the weaker one high to stretch them…

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If you are going to drop $220 on a light, go with a quantum board. Don’t buy the blurple. While they are fine, some of their energy use is for fans, as they run warmer. QBs are more efficient for the light produced, give off less heat, and full spectrum. I am a convert myself and went with the blurple becasue I was attracted to their price and wasn’t aware of what’s out there.

Don’t switch out the lights. In flowering you just want more light than what you need in the veg phase. They will stretch on their own as part of their natural transtion to flowering regardless of what light is on them. Just keep the lights about 12-18" above the plant tops and raise them as the plants grow.

I like @SlowOldGuy 's recommendation to group them in part of the tent, you can do all four plants in a portion of the 4x4 tent to get the most light on the area.

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Is this what you are talking about?


You are on the right track. HLG is the Company I get my QBs from, but that particular light you linked to is specifically for vegetation phase of the plant (4K). If you want an all purpose light that is good for both vegetation and flowering, it needs to have a 3K or 3.5K spectrum.

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This will just be for flowering. I will be using the (blurple?) light I’ve got already for vegging clones/next wave of plants. so get a 3k one?

If it’s always going to be for flowering, go with 2.7K or 3K.

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Thank you very much

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