I think i see powder

Im seeing light traces of powder on leaves. What should i do

Are you using a humidifier? Those can produce “dust” from minerals. However, I’m thinking perhaps spider mites or mildew (poor venting and air flow can cause mildew)? Do you have a pic?

I think the best thing you could do is to put up a clear natural light picture of a leaf with the powder ASAP

Also filling out a support ticket located on the main page would greatly increase the chances that someone could help you and in a timely manner, good luck!


Using carbon fan and filter on only with lights on no humidifier humidity between low 30s 40s

Do this as soon as you can! @merdocc

Will do. Soon as ivget home @ paranorman

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Did you figure out your issue

@Hogmaster not sure bout powder. I was told its from spraying plants with seaweed extract. To bring up humidity. In tent. Not sure though but no more misting for now

I spray mind the exact same way with pH water with liquid seaweed I have never had that issue hope it all works out good for you happy growing

@Hogmaster i do too as well. I was yold i was ph,n too high @ 6.8 round to 7

Yeah I’m 6.4-6.8