I think I need to add some light to my flower room, help!

I can’t decide if I need more light in my 4.5 x 4.5 grow tent with a 600 w hps. I was thinking about adding either an additional 250watt hps, or a v2 spectrum board, any thoughts !?

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In all honesty yes if u plan on having multiple plants id shoot for another light of a bigger light. @dbrn32 might can elaborate more on it. I believe 600w is good to flower a 3x3

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Generally speaking a solid 600 watt hps rig is good for a 4x4. Your space is slightly larger, but I think I would give it a run or two and see how you do with 600 alone. Because you are pushing boundaries a little, I would make sure to run a high output bulb and keep them fresh.


Okay thank you.

I’m on my 6 th grow now I believe. I like what I’m getting but it seems like 1/4 of my canopy doesn’t quite get enough light…

I’m running a 6 by 5 and added a 300 watt Cobb led to the side of my 600 HPS and it’s the best thing I ever did as now I can see my plants clear not red and my trichome production went up. The Cobb led creates very little heat and in my opinion being I’ve ran both MH HPS alone and LED alone, the HPS at the same time side by side with a Cobb led can’t be beat. You get the best of both worlds. If a quarter of your canopy isn’t getting enough light as you stated, then not adding more light will lead to yield loss. LED strip lighting is also an option for areas with not enough light. A light meter will tell you the facts.

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Do you have a section that is just a little larfy compared to remainder of canopy?

Yeah, I’m working on keeping my canopy even, so I think that is part of my problem, but the larfy buds are my concern

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How big of an area is that happening?

Could go a few ways, add a couple LED lights, add another 600 watt HPS, or replace 600 watt HPS with a 1000 watt HPS.

This is normal for the bottom to not get enough light. Trim that crap off. I run 2 HLG 260xl Rspec lights in my 4x4 and I grow super monsters. I still have had to adjust my output on more than 1 occasion.

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