I think I might be missing something…

This is my first time growing outdoors with an autoflower, my second grow ever, (first one was a complete bust), I planted a white widow auto back in February, and there doesn’t seem to be any indication on it going to flower. I have been using the fertilizer from ILGM. I might just be too new at growing to know what to expect. Thank you.

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Auto should absolutely be in flower by now, but sometimes they need a shove to do their thing. If you don’t have a way to try to get her 12 hours of darkness per day until you see flower start you may just have to wait for the days to shorten for her to flip…

On the upside you have a healthy looking plant and a very large one for an auto… Should get you a great yield if you can keep her going.

Thanks so much. I started her in my grow tent, but once it got warm enough, I put her outside, and she completely took off. Would it make sense to put her back in the grow tent and adjust the light cycle? Thanks for the much appreciated help!

If she’ll fit and you want to get her started flowering that should do it.

Put her in at 12/12 and you should see her starting likely inside of a week.

You may want to wait for some others to chime in as well, but assuming she truly is an Auto, you should be able to move her back outside once you have some good flower “buttons” started. Auto’s shouldn’t “re-veg” going back to a longer light cycle once flowering starts.

My only suggestion would to be some LSTing before you put her back in the tent. Once she’s back in the tent, I’d leave her in there at a light schedule of 12/12 just in case she is a photo until completed. Just my opinion. Good luck and keep us posted!

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Most autos iv seen don’t get that tall is it a male if not how old is it and sum b-52 would help the thin stems if it’s not a male give it a good dose of potassium if that don’t work a grower I met a while back told me every now and then you will run into one that won’t start buding hes old school he said he’d drive a nail right through the base of the stalk I’m assuming he had iron deficiency in his soil but I I know he wasn’t dumb that’s a trick they used back in the day someone else probably knows a better way

Thanks everyone for all the suggestions! I put her back in the tent, (she barely fits). I double checked and it is female. The strain is actually bubble gum auto, if that makes any difference. Once she starts flowering, I’ll update with some pictures. Thanks again!


CygnusX1, I took your advice and after a week, she switched to flowering, and I took her outside. Now she hasn’t changed, she is still at the initial flowering stage. At this point, should I just keep her in the tent? Thanks!

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I would if I could. If (for some reason) it is not an auto, it will need to stay in the tent. You don’t want the mess of a reveg.

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I agree with @oldmarine, if you can keep her in the tent at 12/12 that would be best case scenario.

How long have you had her back outside?

@CygnusX1, she’s been outside for a week. I have another auto flower I started after this one, and it has begun flowering, and the flowers have surpassed in size already.

Hard to / impossible to know if she’s adjusting back to sunlight or light duration or what. Autos are finicky. If you can, I’d finish her inside at this point.

@CygnusX1 thanks, I’ll do that.

I agree with @oldmarine too. Once flowering is initiated you want to keep her at 12/12 rather than outside all the time. It can induce reveg, or the worst case is that she will get upset and hermie on you.

Edit: I just noticed were dealing with an auto here. Autos don’t generally care about the light cycle. I didn’t think it was an auto based on the picture.

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What I should have said is that she will need a 12/12 lighting schedule. However you accomplish that will be fine.

Yeah, it’s Bubble Gum auto. I have White Widow Auto starting to flower and she is a quarter of the size as the other one. Pretty weird I’m thinking.

Thanks, I’ve got her back in the tent. Hopefully this will work.


So, just an update, I put her in the tent with a 12/12 light schedule, and she has only gotten taller. She has seemed to stop flowering. I’m thinking at this point, throw her out back and hope for the best. On a side note, my other auto flower is doing fantastic! Should be ready in a few more weeks.

They certainly do “stretch” in early flower. If its truly “re-vegging” you will probably see new and probably gnarly leaf growth. A lot of twisted / curling, odd leaf growth. That said, not every plant is “typical”.

Will be interesting to hear what she ends up doing, but either way, good news on the other plant!