I think I messed up!

It will depend how much calcium and magnesium is contained in your organic nutrients, if there is plenty, you don’t necessarily need to supplement more.

The pH digital pens are good. They need to be properly cared for, the glass bulb they contain can be fragile and they will need to be calibrated occasionally.

A foot tall could be entirely normal for about 6 weeks, it all depends on many other contributing factors in your grow.

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I had a question, and you always reply to me so i’m gonna bug you lol. I seen a small white/yellow bug on my plant. I’ve done all i can to protect against gnats. I bought mosquito dunks and crushed them up and mixed them with the soil. I also have yellow stickies around just in case. Well now I seen 2 of these white/yellow bugs almost like wormish. I was reading that SM-90 works very well on killing almost any bugs. Do you know if thats the case? Also have you ever used or heard of Root Organic Nutes? I read that you should test the pH of your water after you add nutes. I think that may have been a problem of mine. I was adding pH down to my water then adding nutes and i think it was making the pH way too low. Can that be? Today with their feeding I added the nutes to the water before I pHed it, and I had to pH up it. Sorry to bug but thanks in advance for your reply

I don’t really know anything about SM-90, and I’m not very familiar with the Root Organic Nutrients.

Yes absolutely you could be causing the problems by making things too acidic, by not allowing your nutes changes to the pH of the water to stabilize after mixing, and testing then to see how or if you need to adjust the pH.

These are the things we recommend, and the DE food grade is the best and the safest, you can even eat the stuff and it’s good for you, and works very well for most bugs:


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Hello there MrsTio15

I have used the SM-90 and I used it on my spider Miites. It worked great.
I have used many things. Now I use the DE as MacGyver has stated above.
Everything listed works just fine. But it’s up to you to choose.
Have fun…

B Safe

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Thanks guys. I know home depot has that DE so I may try that before the sm90

Lot of good stuff on amazon