I think i messed up, but im bout to harvest

So this is my 2nd grow. this one didn’t go as smooth as the first as I didnt check em like before and let things get out of hand.

tga genetics subcool seeds (hybrid) cheapest at dispo
FFOF soil and trio and powder
hlg 260 kit light
2x4x6 tent

I should a got help earlier but im gonna flush it out and cut it down in a few days. 70 plus days in flower. Giving just water for the last week or so

So all the leaves started turning colors about a month ago and I have know idea why. The ph was always around 6.1 and 6.4. Tried to get it a little higher but yeah. And the buds didnt bulk up like I hoped

So im cutting it ina couple days and we will see how it smokes
Thanks for the help and Happy New Year


He sometimes we are just to busy to watch them enough. I have never seen this as half the plant is still green lol. Might be genetics as it finishes out. Some do change colors at end if cold enough I hear.
Your next door to me, throw me a bud. Just aim at Dearborn lol


If that’s what happens when you mess up, I can’t wait to see when you’ve got everything dialed. Nice work! :+1:


Cool temps will cause the purples to come out like that, I do it every winter intentionally.

However, I’ve never had purpling up top and lush green on the bottom. It’s usually all purple, or yellowing bottoms with purpling top.

It could be a lockout rather than temps…

Either way, it doesn’t look terrible. I’d flush and prepare for harvest.


Thanks everybody
Yeah the purple top and green bottom threw me off. I figured it was some kind of lockout but I don’t know.

I’ll probably flush tomorrow and go from there


Thanks everybody

So I harvested my two tone plant and hung the whole thing up to dry for about 7 or 8 days. I cut most of the big leaves and dry trimmed the rest.

I think I let her dry to much but the stems never really snapped. Leaves were falling off before I could cut. I ended up flicking off a lot

Then I jarred her up and over night the humidity was only 44% so I put orange peels and boveda packs in and that got em over 65%. Now I just the packs for about a week and see what happens

I don’t know if you need to cure if its already too dry but

Anyway thanks


There’s probably still some moisture in the buds that will give you a good cure. Congratulations on the harvest! :+1: