I think I made a big mistake

So I started my germination process and everything went great as I soaked the seeds for about 10-12 hrs till they sank in the cup of ph’ed water and a few cc’s of h2o2( hydrogen peroxide) then took the seeds and put them in a damp paper towel keeping them warm and covered in between 2 plates till the seeds embryo cracked and they started rooting. Then I gently put the seeds and root into rapid rooters and they took hold spreading out there roots but where I believe I went wrong was I guess I was trying to be cute putting the seeded RR in a shot glass 1oz solo cup with some holes on the bottom to drain not realizing just how fast they spread there roots and then the roots started to come through the drain holes off the cup. So when It was time to transplant the I tried being really delicate but I believe I may have slightly stressed or damaged the juvenile roots as its been close to 4 weeks and the plants are only 2-3 tall. I’m thinking about scratching the 3 plants and starting over.

Sorry for the long post.

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You may have stunted their growth. If they are still alive and green they can bounce back. Not to mention the first 3 weeks or so they do most of their growing in the roots. So it’s common to see little top growth

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Lesson Learned? Don’t put in plastic cup’s, I Think I would have tried cutting the cup to save root’s

They are autos so it may not get a decent yeild bc of my mistake. At this time I feel like they should have a couple nodes and side branches. I feel a bit better but I feel if I hadn’t made this mistake I’d be almost to flower stage. Chalk this one up to exprience learning the hard way.

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I did try that but I couldn’t visually indenifiy where the roots where so I couldn’t cut straight through

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Gotcha but I will say this I had one stall out for a week and a half during early veg. But it also stalled out the flowering process. I have 2 plants both ilgm wwa one is stretched and in its 2nd week of flower, the other is just now starting to get pistols. They were both sprouted one day apart.

Here’s the one in flower

This one is same age but when it stalled out it pushed out the flowering time too

Here’s another look at the plant in flower

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At 4 weeks what was your height and how many nodes if you recall? @Sirsmokes

I learned that too. I like to use peat pellets. I don’t touch the roots. After breaking a few 12 dollar seeds I find the pellets the easier softer way.

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At 4 weeks the tall one was only 8 inches after the stretch it’s 24 inches and as far as nodes I top and fim so it had mabey 7 nodes but many other tops
the smaller one was only 5 in at 28 days and had 5 or 6 but many tops as well

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Thanks pal I appreciate your input. I think I’m going to start this over. I hate to throw away money like this butg the whole idea is to get a maximum yield with the setup I have. This will put me back a few weeks but I think in the end it will be worth it.


If you have room let them go for practice you may still be surprised at what they yeild


Happy growing good luck on next try!!! If you have any questions just tag also @Hogmaster is very good at growing autos


I’m with @Sirsmokes, if they are looking healthy, I’d probably let them go a while longer. You may be surprised at how they bounce back. They could just be stretching their legs under the soil. It would be a shame to cull them early and get nothing for your efforts. Just my 2 pennies though, I’m in no way an expert.

Keep em growing! Unless they fall over and turn black, begging for the next life, they will grow.

I’m not an expert lol, just saying.