I Think I’m Close…

11.5 weeks above soil for these GSCE autos.

This is the best I can do for tri pics. I see some amber but not sure if it’s enough.

I’m thinking another week. Maybe two max before they need to come down.

Can anyone help confirm with me?

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From what I can see, you have just a tiny few clears, almost all cloudy, with an amber here and there. I’d split the difference, and go 10 days. Water only until. Have 2 GSCE Autos going myself. Good job!!!


Water only from here on out? I can do that. But harvest has to be a weekend as I’m on the road during the week.

Thanks again @Borderryan22 Always nice to see you again. You’ve been a big help online for this grow. Much appreciated.


2 weeks won’t hurt. I like them to go a little longer. The second GSCE I harvested was couch lock city and munchies like crazy.


Before going water only, how long have they been in flower???

Well 11.5 weeks since they popped the soil. So 7-8 weeks I guess?

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure.

Pretty colors. I can’t say how many weeks. If we say 2 weeks, it could be 3.


Dude. Maybe off topic but those buds are BEAUTIFUL. :open_mouth:

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