I think i lost this


I think i will loose this one. I have microscopic trichomes just around the buds, but not on leaves.
Top of the plant leaves getting yellow. My pH reads 6. All the white hairs are getting brown.
This is the North Light fem auto.
My lights are 2 of 100 watt cfl’s.
Don’t think it is possible to save it?
Would be the seeds or the strain? Maybe just bad seed?
If i harvest now I don’t think it be any good.
Honestly I have no idea what to do.


This is the close-up of the head.


This is my other plant. Royal Medic. Same conditions, the lights pH of 6, same soil and basically same time. It’d not auto, but femenized with recent 12/12 lights.
It’s covered with trichomes, unlike the other one.


@Majiktoker @pigSquishy and some others I can’t bring to mind right now (brain foggy from some Afgani GodBud) would be able to answer this better than me, but it looks like a deficiency of some sort based on the coloration of the leaves.

Don’t give up on her just yet. Great strain to lose at such a late stage.


I suspect light burn, even with cfl’s. Reduced lights by one globe and increase distance to about 10 inches. See what happens.


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I’m still a newbie but if your growing in soil isn’t a pH of 6 a little on the acidic side? I also grow in soil (FFOF) and I keep my pH 6.3-6.5. Hope this helps…don’t give up

I'm still a newbie but if your growing in soil isn't a pH of 6 a little on the acidic side?
I also grow in soil (FFOF) and I keep my pH 6.3-6.5. Hope this helps...don't give up


My pH reads 6. Doń really know what to think about this.
The other plant :herb: is very good. Same conditions axept it’s not an auto.
My next grow will be non auto.


Well your P H should be 6.5 just depends on what WK your in…could you tell us even how
close you are would be good…lol
On your next grow consider getting grow lightfs 400 watt for vegg and 600 for flower that’s of. Course depends on finance I know…lol but better lighting would help you big time.
My last two weeks I load them with full strength flower boosters bud candy and so on than one week all water mixed with final finish



In Australia there is not real choice for any flowering feed and boosters.
Lights? Well, the other strain - Royal Medic - is growing very nicely and with exactly same set-up and conditions, covered with trichomes all over.
Maybe it’s the strain seed. I don’t know.
I have started new northern lights, but this one is not auto.
My pH is 6 in both plants using pro potting mix available here in bunnings stores.


Kryspen, maybe try some pH up from a local shop or in a pinch you can use baking soda to bring up your Ph (make it more alkaline) I have found that baking soda for Ph up and vinager for Ph down works, but it isn’t stable for very long. I use in if I’m out of Ph down/Ph up but again not very stable.
You can get a quart of Ph up or down from Amazon for pretty cheap. Hope this helps…


Hi Dragon
I try that. I used lime and it worked, but not for long. I think the problem is with soil i did used. When in vegetation state soil released nutrients ( already in soil), but in flowering stage, she got too much nutrients and got burn.
Now i got soil without any nutrients at all and will supply as needed during vegetation and flowering stages.