I think I have two girls....do you agree?

Been waiting and waiting and I believe these are the signs I’ve been waiting on. Are these girls?


Yup those are pistols in fact if those are autos your probably going into flower


These are regular seeds…thanks much for commenting! Hot damn!!! 2 out of 6! First time with girls!!!


First two pic I’m seeing ladies. Not seeing anything on the last two that’s definitive.


Need pictures of the nodes… Where the branches connect to main stalk. Not of the leaves… I’m sure you know that but your pics seem to be of the leaves and dont really show a good view of where the reproductive organs pop up. I’m convinced by most people’s pictures that theyre not sure where to even look when it comes to sexing so i just wanted to point that out…


The pictures have the node I’m looking at in the background…my camera wants to focus on leaves so I’m trying to work with it. I’m switching the light schedule on Thursday so we will all know soon!

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Here Pam. Not trying to be “ugly” or anything but it really IS hard to tell from your pics what we’re looking at. SOME that you posted looked like male in your OTHER post. Did it end up being a male? Also, here is a GOOD example of plants that are NO DOUBT of what sex they are: Need help identifying flowering/bud/strain

Her top pic and last pic have nice long pistils growing, her middle pic leaves NO DOUBT with those balls galore forming, of what gender it is :wink: Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Try using your free hand and moving the leaves out of the way …also use the zoom function on your phone to zoom into the location your trying to focus on …

It’s really not light that’s the problem …it’s just too far away from the subject matter and leaving the leaves in the lens area the camera is only doing it’s job
You have to get a little closer and maybe a little more creative to get a better detailed pic

Just trying to help you ….help us …help you

Just took that zooming
To give you an example
No more ladies to photo shoot unless you wanna see em hanging

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I started with 4 plants…my other posts were mostly focused on the other plants as they have shown sex.

I am down to 2 plants and I posted 2 pictures of each on this post as I thought the white hairs I was seeing were pistols.

I’ve learned a lot about taking photos…#1 turn off all the fans!

Thanks for all the help…I’m flipping the lights to 12/12 on Thursday and I will never grow another regular seed !!

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