I think I have seed in my bud at week 5 please help

Water will neutralize the pollen, but then you’re elevating humidity at the worst possible time. I’d pluck male sacs and ride it out.

I’d still do at least one thorough cleaning.

Thanks keystone so I’ll take all plants out go over them spray them then let them dry put them back in only try and stop it spreading so do I remove any pollen sack I see in branches would you recommend that keystone

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I currently have 4 plants from bag seed, so statistically I will get 2 males and 2 females. I flipped them to flower about 2 weeks ago and I also have what appear to be male parts showing on 2 of the plants. Two of them have female parts, but I also want to make sure that I don’t have a hermie on my hands. I’m going to let them mature for several more days so that I can check multiple nodes on each plant. I don’t want to cull out a female, and it’s not going to hurt those that are female so long as I don’t let the males/hermies go on for too long or burst a pollen sac in the process of removing them.

You’ll need to remove any male or hermie if you intend to separate the females out. Males and hermies will just keep producing pollen sacs.

How do I know what the hermmie is mate how can I spot it

I think it might be too late but I’ll try and identify it if any use can help
Me so I know what am looking for any real life pictures of anyone with a hermit so
I can spot

Hermie = hermaphrodite. Plants that experience stress or that have genetic problems can actually produce both male and female parts.

If your females receive pollen from a male or a hermie then the result will be less THC, less dense buds, and seeds throughout your buds.

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Yes I know been looking it up the buds are really hard to
Be fair for week 5 really hard am just gutterd they havin been stressed out temp 27 when light on 21 when lights off nice air flow all digital ballast I have never had this problem with clones

Hi guys so would use recommend removing any pollen sacks I find cuz I think it may be too late am going into pk week and these are the hardest buds I have ever grow at this stage just shame some might have seed in what would use recommend I know some have replayed I keep missing messages of u guys sorry

Yes, remove the pollen sacs. In case you missed it, you can still make hashish from the crop (instead of picking out seeds forever). Some of the world’s best hash comes from seeded herb.

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My favorite thing to do! lol.


How u make hash hahah never done it b4

What that flxer

@MidwestGuy might be better at answering this. I think dry sieve is the best way to avoid mold issues, but ice water hash yields better. I’m not an expert though.

So just so I know am sorry remove the pollen sacks if I find any yes and spray the plant with water all over I just want to be sure I just took another look seem like only few top buds have seed well one in every bud I checked

I use a 73 micron bubble bag, dry ice, wet (fresh) bud, and a pollen press. It’s pretty easy and the product is fantastic. You can find videos on YouTube. Dry ice is superior to other methods, imo.


I would spray the plants BEFORE handling them. If there’s pollen sacs or loose pollen, just moving the plants could seed the bulk of your crop. Wet them before inspecting.


Ok key thanks man so just so o know haha sorry spray plant and remove sacks if I find them yes spray them in tent then take each one out inspect spray tent and all light and anything else right thanks man let use all know tomorrow

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I would wipe the equipment instead of spraying, but otherwise go to town.

One more thing guy I have a pare small tent it a good one am thinking of starting some auto what best strain I just want to try them see if there any good what’s stains and and do you guys know what the yields like on them I really love growing just thought I’ll give them a try while this one is in it last stages something to do any help would be good