I think I have seed in my bud at week 5 please help

I think I have seed in my bud at week 5 they are purple moby dick fem seed by dinafem can anyone help can I stop it stressing or is it 2 late seem to be in a few of buds at top

That looks like a seed. So the question is how did it happen? How many plants are you growing, what are the others, and can you identify male pollen sacs?

(Another less likely possibility is you got pollen from somewhere else, but let’s eliminate your grow as a source first.)

Hi 8 plants and no pollen sacks that I can see on the branches it baffles me man they are all purple moby dick

Is your space light-tight?

How hot is your grow getting?

Are these photoperiod seeds?

Can you think of any other stressors you might have imposed?

Temps perfect 27 I think my tent shot I’ll send u some pics in a minute I never get this problem with clones they are fem seeds from dinafem I think light leek my self I am not sure is there any way stoping it getting any worse or just got to ride it out

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Here’s what I’d do:

  1. Take all plants out of your tent. Turn bright lights on in the room, and no lights on in the tent. Sit in the closed tent for 20 minutes to let your eyes adjust. No screens. Black tape over any leaks, or use a sealant paint (there’s a brand people like, but I cannot recall the name).

  2. Clean the tent and all equipment. Water is fine. A couple drops of bleach won’t hurt.

  3. Wash all plants with plain water. Comb over every one of them looking for pollen sacs. At this point one of them will be splayed open, or even on the soil surface. Cull the hermaphrodite(s).

  4. If it’s really bad, I’d ride it out and make bubble hash. That seems safe.

  5. I know throwing the plants back into vegetative growth is possible, and maybe combined with stripping the seeded bud that would work, but I can’t recommend that. Maybe someone else has experience in that area and can comment.

Those look more like pollen sacs than they do seeds. Did you pluck those off near the nodes on the plant? If so, then they are probably pollen sacs.

They aren’t too mature if they are, and you may be okay if you separate the male plant from the female plants. Be careful not to burst a pollen sac in the process.

Here’s how to differentiate the males from the females:

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Uploading: D84E7349-3EAB-4C7D-97E4-40759D685B92.jpeg…

Seeds or pollen sacks, either way by week 5 you’re committed to riding it out.
If you have no males present, there’s a hermaphrodite somewhere. Seeds don’t get made just because.

Good eye. The 3rd picture looks like an open sac.

So just ride it out man this crop looks so good as well I think I found my problem my tent I don’t know why I have never checked this my own fault light leek


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Light leaks are never good.


At least you know what happened. Good luck, bud.

Just my personal opinion and only mine, I would blame genetics over a light leak though.
Being honest I check mine often at lights out.
I dont recommend doing it though.
But I haven’t had any issues. Your grow may vary.


Yes I have done that lots times with clones never had a problem

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Some plants seem fine but will it spread I might as well just ride it out nothing I can do it’s starting to go purple as well gutterd

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To @Covertgrower ‘s point, while I wouldn’t put the blame on Dinafem, I’d be cautious about growing any of those seeds out. Doesn’t seem worth the risk, and you’re obviously comfortable paying for fresh seeds.

I am going to grow them out I’ll get somthing for them come this far might as well ride it out will it effect all plants in the area 3 or 4 seem fine

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So there no way of slowing it down will it effect the whole crop or just a few plants so there nothing I can do what so ever anyone one else had this I know few of you have said ride it out just like few more options thanks all for helping out

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