I think I have lockout

Hi all,

I think that I have been flirting with lockout for weeks. See pics below. In a nutshell I have 4 WWA. The two furthest from the nutrient reservoir seem to be suffering the worst. I flushed the 2 worst ones this morning with around 4.5 gallons of pH adjusted water a piece. I will do the other 2 soon. I think I mixed a hot load about 3 or 4 weeks ago where I was less than meticulous in how I added the nutrient. Also, my pH meter is flaking again so I know that I have had some pH issues… especially earlier in the grow. When I flushed, the water coming out started at around 1200 ppm on the TDS. When all said and done, the water (4.5 gallons) measured around 600 so I suspect the water was a lot cleaner towards the end of the flush. Any insights are greatly appreciated.

Strain: WWA
Method: hydro - autopot (first time using this particular method)
medium: coco
Nutrients: General Hydroponics Flora
TDS: 900-1000
PH: 6
Temp: 74-79
RH: 60-70%
Light: HLG 300L V2 RSpec
Tent: 3x3 Secret Jardin Dark Room
Ventilation: AC Infinity 4"
Planted on 7/8 (germinated in 2 days!)
Flowering for roughly 2 weeks. They are roughly 3 ft tall

8/29/2021 9/6/2021
Week 7 8
Gallons 10 8
Week 6 7
FloraMicro 38 30.4
FloraGro 28 22.4
FloraBloom 68 54.4
CaliMagic 19 15.2
Floralicious Plus 15 12
Liquid KoolBloom 19 15.2
PH before (measured) 6.06 6.25
PH after (measured) 5.8 5.93
Actual TDS 900 886


Looks as though you had a major nitrogen toxicity…. The burned tips

And Im assuming that happened with that last ‘heavy handed’ feed?

Now the mass yellowing does look to be a deficiency. Then one of… Nitrogen! Howd u go from Toxicity to deficiency to bluntly? I have no idea. But the flush could have zapped them of it.

When did you flush?

What is your medium? I saw rez and thought DWC, but flushing and think otherwise.

And when did the tips burn/yellowing start?

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Hi @PurpNGold74 . Thanks for your thoughts. I am not sure what is going on. You can see some history here and here. . When I said that I gave them a hot load what I mean is that I was very casual how I mixed a batch of nutrients before it started to yellow. I would put the GH Grow in first rather than the micro nutrient. I would put the nutrient in and then pour a couple of gallons in and add the next nutrient without mixing too much and so on. I worry that I got locked out at that time. It has never recovered from that. Now 2 of the plants have lost most of their leaves. They are about a month out from harvest.

I have kept the feedings below 1000 ppm on the TDS. I have had some pH issues (high) as I said. I have been really light on the N for a couple of weeks. I did a top flush this morning at 6 AM. The growing medium is coco in autopot. The tips on the top branches have been burned for 3 weeks or so. I am a newbie so I was having a really difficult time understanding how I could be burning and why the leaves were so yellow and dropping.

Any insights are greatly appreciated. Thanks

I have something similar going on as I can’t give these WW Autos any more nitrogen yet the leaves are yellowing daily. I see a few spots of leaf Septoria on them but nothing major. I have chalked it up as root bound stress as I never took these plants out of 3 gallon pots but one widow is 5 and a half feet tall.

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Those actually look pretty good comparatively. Mine were doing awesome during vegetative and early flowering and it has been downhill from there. Now 2 of them are mostly leaf free. I may also have an iron deficiency. One thing I did not mention was that I flushed with water that was mid 5 pH. I tested the water that came out and it was mid 6s which tells me that the coco was pretty high pH. I suspect based on my pH meter flaking out that my ph has been off on the high side until about 3 weeks ago when I started using a second liquid drop pH test kit. Hopefully my new electrode will get here soon.

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This maybe the culprit. The burning happened before the ‘nutrient solution’ mishap. And the wonky pH just locked things out.

Week 8 of flower? If so? That meter better hurry tf up!

It is actually week 4-5 of flower. I think you may be right about the burning. It has not gotten worse in weeks. The leaves are yellowing and dying now though but the tips are not getting worse. My hope is that the flush will reset things. I am also hopeful, but not optimistic, that I can salvage all 4 plants.

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You should be fine my friend. Get that meter back in shape then the pH into range, then flush and refeed them asap