I think I have a Sprout? What should I do now?

I’ll keep an eye on it.

About how much longer will it be before I should start giving her a small dose of nutes?
Or should I just give it a few more days and take a pic, to see if you guys think she says she’s ready? :slight_smile:

I would be comfortable giving it a quarter dose now, but a seedling really doesn’t start feeding for a couple weeks

What type of nutes are you using?

I haven’t grown in hydroponics in over 20 years so maybe wait for some more input
@MacGyverStoner @kabongster

:slight_smile: not a problem.

I actually gave her a small dose of Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice, and B52 on Wednesday…
I’ll be using Advanced Nutrients Micro, Grow, and Bloom Perfect pH line.

As @Paranorman pointed out, lightly pack some hydroton, the small clay balls, or whatever soil less medium you are comfortable with, around the rapid rooter…to stabilize it and protect the roots from light and keep the light out of the reservoir. The roots grow thru it as if it was dirt. The rooter should be on a layer or two of the clay balls to keep it from sitting in water.

When I started my 5 gallon DWC, I was told I could add 2ml of Micro and Bloom, it’s a small amount, there are no nutrients in the water. There are root developing solutions…@Donaldj told me Liquid Karma and Rapid Rooter. I see B52 is good for roots…you could use someone with more experience for the additives, but you look like you are constantly improving, as was I when I started (and still am fixing things)…sigh, I had so many things wrong, BUT, I’ll have a harvest! The plants can be resilient.

I was told to add either H2O2, for added oxygen and kill bad bacteria…or what you added, the Voodoo Juice which has beneficial bacteria. You can’t add both.
Humic and fulvic acids are good.

Remember, light doses, they are babies. Water temperature is important, cooler IS better, 65F-70F. Every degree over that requires more and more oxygenation, till 78F, then give it up.

Keep track of what you add, keep a journal…watch the roots for discoloration, white roots are good. Keep track of the reservoir and any odor coming from it (the beginnings of root disease). If you can smell it, bugs can, too.

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Kabongster is quite right you should be starting any nutrients slowly with a focus on root health even the light sneaking in around your rapid rooter could cause you issues hydroton or neoprene insert would be wise start. I would start with low dose LK or super thrive

Thanks gentlemen. H2O2 is hydrogen peroxide but make sure you get the, I think it’s 3%, it’s the stuff they have at Walgreens, because I understand that you can get stronger mixes of it somewhere so only get the 3% stuff at Walgreens, CVS or where ever if you decide to use it, and I’m also a big fan of Superthrive, I put a few drops, maybe 6-8, in every gallon I mix

Hydrogen peroxide is strong stuff, even at 3% it will burn…drain some reservoir water and mix it with that, then pour it back in the tub.

Personally I wouldn’t use it. I’ve never used it in 10 years of hydro growing, but I mean these are the things you’re going to have to decide.

If it was my first grow I would keep it as simple as possible. If we see your roots browning we will let you know right away

Ok, I think I’ll hold off on the Hydrogen peroxide until you guys think I need it.
Especially sence I’m already using Voodoo Juice. :slight_smile:

It does sound like I need to get some of those Hydroton balls, does anyone have a recommendation of a good bag?
amazon links are great. :wink:

Maybe I can get a pic of the roots, because checking on the color isn’t possible for me to do. :frowning:

I’m not sure when I’ll start adding nutes yet, I’ll think about that some and see if I can make my mind up.

I think hydroton is all the same but you just need very little so probably a small bag would do

A picture of the roots would be good

I would add nutes at a quarter strength and then maybe when you change the water in a week or so maybe a little stronger, I’m not familiar with Advanced Nutrients but a lot of people here use it, maybe they can make a suggestion?

If your roots are growing through the cup already (which they probably are) I wouldn’t try to take it out, I would just add hydroton on top and sides

I just started using Advanced Nutrients, my girls were already flowering. It seemed to me their recommended dosages were a little nutrient heavy so I cut back. The nutrient calculator is a link right from their home page.

I have called them 4 times with questions, and sent them photos…it’s a free call, I got thru quickly each time, they are easy to talk to, offer advice…they have lots of products to sell, they discourage modifying their formulas, you could get a different person with every call which could be different advice…

like any advice, weigh the consequences, good and bad, you decide.

Ok, so apparently the Styrofoam was helping the water temps, because when I check the pH earlier, it was at 76! :frowning:The pH had already crept up to 6.7 as well.
I added the Styrofoam back, and added some ice to cool the water back down a bit, and added some pH down.

I didn’t realize the pH would swing that much just in 1 day.

I tried to get some pics of the roots, but not sure how that is going to go, so sorry if it’s just a picture of my grow box. lol

The root is okay but let’s keep an eye on it

PH changes everyday

Can you add a fan or anything to keep the temperature down a little more?

Ok, this last check pH was 5.6, water temp was 70.

:slight_smile: it’s in the cooler part of the day, but I’ll take it. lol


You know it! :slight_smile: …don’t be stingy with the pictures, they really help my friend!

How’s the leg doing? Hope all is healing well. :wink:

Honestly I’ve had better days, but thank you for asking. I’m starting to get upstairs okay, getting down is still a challenge tho, it was a crack in the femur and torn muscles

Outch Paranorman. That makes me cringe! :frowning:

My water temp was at 69 when I checked it earlier, so maybe I’ve improved it a little.

I raised the light an inch or 2, and lined the top of the res with Styrofoam.
I also put an icepack against it throughout the day.

Here is some pictures for Paranorman. :wink:

This is day 9 from sprout.

If there is something I could do to improve the pics like getting closer, or farther wway, just let me know.

Looking good still, grab a picture next time you shut your light off.

also I’m thinking those net pots are small I’m thinking maybe small rockwool cubes might be better next time, would like to see that plant supported somehow…

I’ve been trying to think of a way to dry that out a bit?

I think you should consider soil next time, I think it’s much easier in your particular circumstance, it’s certainly more forgiving.

what is the height of your box? Can you get a picture of the whole setup

…what did you decide about the hydroton?

The great thing with soil, last week when I was on all those pain pills when I finally got in the garden I grabbed some I thought it was just regular tap water but it already been pHed, and after I put the nutes in God knows what the pH was!?

…it had to be in the mid 4’s! Was some damage but I was able to flush and the plants are doing fine now, but with Hydro it just don’t happen that way, those plants may have died in an hour or so, so maybe something to consider mi amigo :seedling: