I think I have a Sprout? What should I do now?

So, I have been having trouble getting my ILGM seeds to germinate, but today I noticed that something was going on with one of them today while checking on them. :slight_smile:
I didn’t want to poke around to much, but hopefully you guys can see what’s going on in the pic!

I’m leaving for a few days, so I’m unsure what I should do with it until I get back.

1, just mist it and leave it until I return?
2, Put it in my grow box under the LED, and give it light now?

I’m just worried that if I put it under the light now, it might dry out…

Let me know if you guys can see the rapid rooter and the possible sprout and what you guys think.


Oops, pasting the photos didn’t seem to work. :frowning:

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That’s awesome you got a nice sprout there don’t let it get any wetter, in fact if you can let it dry out a little, those cubes stay a little wet for me but I’ve used them too.

Sprouts need light as soon as they come up, it doesn’t have to be strong but has to be some -good luck bro

Edit: hope you have test run the Box as far as temperature? If not, it should be ok under a small fluorescent type lamp for a couple of days, or you could leave it near a sunny window, but not direct sun

I would put her in starting soil and just before you walk out the door.
Give Her a shot of water it be better with some hydrogen peroxide.and a root stimulant mixed in the water pH water that Is.
She must have something to help her make it on her own the next few days.

B Safe

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Hi guys,
Thanks for the replies!

Making lots of beginner mistakes already. lol

I have not ran a temperature test on the box before, and I think it ran in to a problem of too warm temps while I was gone…

I opened up the closet to air it out, and put a fan in to help bring in cooler air.

I was able to stop by for a few minutes while I was gone to check on things, and noticed I had another seed sprout, and it looked like it was doing some major stretching, so I put it in the box too.

I then had to head out again.

When I checked on them today, the second sprout still looks pretty bad, it won’t stand on it’s own, and doesn’t look like it has done anything, and for some reason the rapid rooter on it had completely dried out it felt like. :frowning:

It is/was a auto Blue berry, and the first sprout I took a pic of in the first post is an auto WW.

I have stuck a tooth pick in the rapid rooter and tried to secure the stretched blue berry to it, but not sure if it will recover.

I took some pics, but not sure how they came out with the LED being on and all, so if they didn’t turn out some tips on taking pictures might be needed. lol

P.S, it is in a DWC set up.

One looks good but the second one, in my opinion isn’t going to make it my friend, have you checked your heat yet?

Do you have accessibility to clones in your area?

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Yeah, that was the auto Blue Berry. :frowning:Hopefully I can learn with the White Widows, and try the Blue Berry again later.

No, no access to clones for me. :frowning:

I did some temperature checking with a infrared temp gun, and was getting readings in the low to mid 80’s. :frowning:
This is during the hottest part of the day, so it should drop during the night.

I’m not sure I can really do much more to drop the temperatures.

I already opened the closet up, and turned on a fan to add some cool air for the intake fan to use.

I plan on doing a water change tonight, so what should I do with the lid and plants while I change water?

I would think just sitting it down would damage the roots, which on the auto WW, is already hanging down several inches long under the cup. lol

That’s a good question LOL I’m not sure I have that answer, my dwc experience is ebb and flow.

I would balance it over a milk crate so it’s not sitting on anything because that will damage it and maybe just change it as quickly as possible

Mid eighties is ok better not to let it go above 85 though

What is the water temp in you DWC set up? 66F-70F is good.

A week ago yesterday I broke my leg and wasn’t in the garden much when I fell not only did I knock everything out of one wall socket, all my lights everything, tripped my circuit but I also knock the plug out on the propagation mat at a different Outlet somehow, didn’t notice it and by the time I got back in the garden three out of the four seeds had died, only one came up. we all lose plants so don’t get discouraged, hang in there bro

I have an ATC probe for my pH meter that should be here tomorrow.

I plan on checking pH and Temp of the water once it arrives.

Paranorman, that is crazy, I hope your doing good! That is some bad luck there!

I’m posting pics of the plant to see what you guys think, but I think the leaves are curling down…

It also seems kind of short, but it did sprout last Friday, so maybe it’s not that bad. lol

What do you guys think?

Ok, got my ATC probe in, and checked the pH and temp of the water.
It was pH 6.5, and 73 degrees.

I dropped the pH down to 5.5, and took out some pieces of Styrofoam I had sitting on top of the tub to block light from the other cups that aren’t being used.
Not sure if that will help, but I figure it’s worth a shot, and I’ll check pH and temp of the water again tomorrow.

No my friend, 5.5 is too low!

5.8 - 6.0 for hydro!

And you want to keep any unused holes blocked, you do not want light in your Reservoir

73 is ok, 68 - 70 is best if you can get it, but 73 is ok

And my leg is feeling better, thank you for asking! :slight_smile:

I was wondering what you have there, I can see the net pot…is the rapid rooter plug sitting loose in the basket?

the higher the temperature, the more air you have to bubble thru the system…78F is the maximum and that requires alotta air to be pumped.

Hmm, I thought 5.5 to 6 was ideal pH for hydro…

Yes, the rapid rooter is just sitting in the net pot.
The other empty pots have paper towels stuffed in them now.

I obviously am new at this, so any suggestions on improving the setup is welcome. lol

I stuck an ice pack against the res to see if it helps keep the water temp down.

Do I need to see if I can get a better pic of the plant?

No. 5.8 to 6.0 is where you want to be

The pictures okay, the plant looks good, all you can do now is give it time.

check your pH every day and your temp and water level (don’t have it too high) and you’ll be fine, what you’re doing looks good!

Actually the range for hydro is about 5.5 to 6.0 with the ideal target being 5.8




A description of the chart I just put up shows what Latewood and I have said previously about hydroponic pH, the ideal target is 5.8 and the range can go up or down, plus or minus about 0.3, between about 5.5 and 6.1

The chart is basically a number list of pH from 0.0 to 14.0. It has a colored background and arrows pointing to 5.5 and 6.1 with 5.8 highlighted in the middle for hydro, and a contrasting chart showing the soil range with 6.5 in the middle.

Happy growing,


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Thanks Paranorman.
This is the first time I’ve seen the plant, not already in a baggy, so I was worried. lol

It being an auto, it seems kind of small for being one week old.
About how much longer should it be before I see more leaves, or even a brantch?

@MacGyverStonerThanks for that description! It is much appreciated!

Should I move this to the grow journal section you think?

Initial growth is mainly in the roots, it’s doing just what it should

You might want to wedge it in a little bit, styrofoam would do it, I use hydroton, those round clay balls, either or but you might want to give it some support for when it grows bigger

Careful not to squeeze the Rapid Rooter though, those little roots are very delicate right now