I think I have a mold issue on one and I don’t know on the other

I have a blueberry auto flower that I think has mold on the buds. Is the plant ruined or can sunshine kill the mold and then I can bathe the plant at harvest?

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I also have a White Widow autoflower that has been producing some ugly leaves.

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Top picture is definitely mold
Air flow and high humidity is a big issue indoors that causes mold

The wwa do you have info ph and ppm of runoff ect

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Mold you can take a diluted h2o2 and h2o and spray it. I hope that you can get it taken care of

Soil PH is 7.0, fresh water going in is 6.7, I haven’t tested water coming out. I’ve taken the blueberry and put it outside in the sun amongst my backyard landscape. It was in a tent with an LED light. I hadn’t turned the fan on until recently which was negligent on my part. Humidity has been running in the 70’s. Probably a bad idea.

Soil is a Foxfarm Ocean forest for the bottom half and happy frog for the top half. Nutes are FoxFarm Tiger Bloom two teaspoons per gallon, every other watering which is every other day.

I found that two colas had mold but the rest were clear. So Miss Blueberry is back in the tent, less the mold parts, sitting between the air purifier and the clip-on fan.

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So I know that leaves yellow when you get into flower mode but this yellow? These were taken this morning.

@bob31 @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410

Here is what the white widow looked like a month ago. image

I’m just seeing crispy leaves. The picture is about
Blurry. Mold spots appear black. @MattyBear might have pictures?

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The big girl is the white widow. When she was young I was trying to do some stress training and accidentally topped her. Then later she split down the middle as well. She still exploded with growth though.

The split happens. Probably will be fine, just be careful of the split. She’s almost finished. Next time that happens try some electricians tape. Stretchy, but still holds.

The blueberry had mold but that was a while ago and I trimmed it all out successfully. I’m concerned about the yellowing now on the widow. Even the stem has yellowed.

I don’t have much experience with mold, to be on the safe side, I would wait for others response as well. @Myfriendis410

[quote=“Openmind, post:14, topic:20880”]
I’m concerned about the yellowing now on the widow. Even the stem has yellowed.
[/quote] I think it’s normal and it’s consuming the leaves to finish . It looks almost ready to harvest to me . How do the trichomes look ?

There are a lot of tri’s. They are good and tall and somewhat cloudy. None are amber.

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Looks like she’s still putting on bulk.

The only sure way to prevent mildew is low humidity. A dehumidifier is an important tool for indoor growers. That and lots of air movement.

The walls of the grow tent do a much bettter job at reflecting light than a mirror.
Some yellowing is normal in the final stretch, it’s a good sign that the plant is eating itself trying to finish. Yours look to have had a deficiency that’s now taking the leaves out early. There’s not much you can do at this point. Be sure to flush if you haven’t already. I’d also advise washing your buds in peroxide/water before hanging them to dry. Just to be sure all traces of mold are gone.

HELP!!! I am a first time grower and I feel like the village idiot. My plants were doing just great outside and then I moved them inside. I live in a very humid area and I think the plants are going through a rough patch. I moved them inside because we had almost two straight weeks of rain and the plants started to droop. I purchased three LED bulbs from Amazon. 1) LED Grow Light Bulb 36w Grow lamp E26 Full Spectrum Bulb and Plant Light Bulb with 18 LEDs for Indoor Plants, 2) 2 Auledio 80W Led Grow Light Bulbs Full Spectrum Plant Light Lamp for Indoor Plants Vegetables Greenhouse and Hydroponic. I keep the lights on between 8-12 hours a day. I have them in my kitchen by a window that gets full sun for about 6 hours and then I turn the lights on when the sun goes down. I have purchased some Neem Oil Extract and made a mixture of the oil, water and baking soda. I will be spraying them today. These are the pics of my leaves.

I know what h2o is but what is diluted h2o2? Any help is appreciated.