I think I did a lot wrong, plant looks very unhealthy

Hello people. I am starting my first grow, hydroponic drip system in rockwool.

I have bought tent 80x80cm, ventilation, lights (Lumatec Attic 200W), Rasperry Pi 4 with Homeseer and Z-wave plugs (for remote control).

I started germinating one seed 5 days ago, and the other 4 days ago. I followed the recipe for Canna Aqua “Start rooting/seedling” mixture and measured the PH to 5,8. (I didnt calibrate my meter, but I confirmed the PH with a test kit which arrived today). I decided to put them in the tent, under the light at 20%. However, I did have a good 1,2m between the light and the plant. After some research, I’m not sure this is enough.

Now they look like this:

The one on the left is a White Widow (5 days old), the one on the right is an AK47, (4 days old). The AK looks very unhealthy, which I think can be because of:

-Low light for 3-4 days (I adjusted the light to 40cm today, at 40%)
-Low air humidity for 3-4 days. I had a humidifier, but I think the auto setting is broken.
-Too much water. I soaked the cubes before seeding them, AND watered both after 2 days…

The grow light manual says that a plant should receive 289-466 umol/s/m2 at 40cm. I suppose I can multiply that by 0,4 when i set the lamp at 40%? Is this OK for this phase?

Is there any hope for my AK47?




Love that fact that you use a Pi! Been thinking of integrating one into my set up too… That a camera there? Is it wireless, bluetooth, wired? I am looking for a good camera myself and wondering how you like it.

As far as the plants go, those are extremely stretchy, which means they are trying to get more light, so you need to either increase the power to the light or lower the light closer to the plants.

Would be helpful to get some temp and RH readings too.

Also, you are using coco which I have absolutely no experience with, but I do know you are supposed to make sure it is nice and moist. Just not sure how moist for seedlings. The AK47 does look like it is damping off maybe which is caused by too much water so maybe you did over water.

Good luck man!

Hello, thank you for your reply.

This is not coco, it’s rockwool. I will put these into bigger rockwool cubes when (if) they’re ready :slight_smile:

Temp is at 27C, struggling to get it down, RH is now between 50-70%, depending on my fan cycle (the fan is far to powerful, so it takes all the humidity out of there.

I have lowered the light and turned it up. How long does it usually take before you see positive change?

The camera is a Foscam C1 V3. It is wireless (can be wired), and powered by USB. I’m quite happy with it, it also has infrared/dark mode, wich works quite well.


Obviously it is… Idk why I said coco XD. I just wrote 2 LONG posts on another persons topic and got mixed up lol.

27C is fine. I’m in America and I only really know Fahrenheit, which 27C is 80F. 80F is fine. My tent is usually between 75F - 85F and my humidity is only around 50% so I don’t think that has anything to do with your issues.

It shouldn’t take too long for the plant to start reacting to the light change, however don’t get too ahead of yourself either, at this stage it is busier making roots rather than growing vegetation. I would gauge whether or not the light change was good by trying to note or even measuring the plant height to make sure it stopped stretching.

I would maybe let the AK47 dry out a bit too. Not sure on this one. Need someone with experience on rockwool for that one…

Also be mindful of the plant falling over. My most recent seedling got leggy and fell over. Had to make a cane for her to lean on. Next day she was holding herself up already.

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Welcome to the community !

Hey I had an issue like yours so I built a little spinal brace with some rubber coated garden wire and a stick then put the plant out in direct sunlight for a couple of hours it did survive but it appears to have lost some strength in the stem coz when it goes outside now two weeks later I noticed the wind pushes it around quite easily so I gave it a spritz with my home made ca-mg ( I read somewhere that it’s a panacea for all things pot but I’ll let you know I also read that a week is the tell time for change detection in plants so I really hope this helps as this is my first indoor attempt and auto banana kush is the bud of choice :blush::blush:

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Here is my new journal with my bonsai grow if you are interested!

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Thank you!

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Nice Cane! I’ll check out your journal.

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The light needs to be lowered, and a transplant should happen sooner than later.


Good to know I was right!

Thank you :slight_smile:


Did you miss this post? (The one I replied to)

I don’t understand. I think I read it all. Sorry for late reply, i had used my “reply quota of the day” :slight_smile:

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What part do you need help with?

I meant I didn’t understand what you meant with “did you miss this post…”

Anyhow, transplanted the kids today, excited to see if they are savable :slight_smile:
The poorest one is looking a little better

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Just wanted to make sure you saw it is all!