I think I can! I think I can!

Day 44 of flowering I’m feeding once a week. 15-30-15. Is this correct? Also I just defoliated which seemed to focus energy better. Any advice?


Welcome to the forum. Your girl looks awesome.

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Welcome to the forum Deez!

Those are some robust looking girls.

Are you in ProMix? Are you following a feeding schedule? What nutrient brand are you using?

I’m curious about what we’re seeing here in the photo:

Thanks Keystone, As this is my first indoor grow I have constantly been changing and upgrading my space. I just switched last week to 1000 HPS. I feed every seven days. I’m using a popular fertilizer, it’s no (miracle) though. 15-30-15 I had a few problems along the way I think wut u circled is probably some remainder of a solution I sprayed on to combat powdery mildew.


I thought maybe PM or pollen. Any idea how the PM started?

A lot of people swear by Dr. Zyme’s Eliminator. Never dealt with PM on flower myself, so I don’t know what to do about it. But Zyme’s is worth looking at.

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I didn’t have fresh air intake until around a week ago now I have acquired new lighting and intake fan things have improved greatly. I used baking soda and water 1/2 teaspoon in spray bottle and been flushing with clean water daily since. Also I removed most of the leaves. A cple days ago.

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Since you’re getting close to harvest, have you invested in a microscope?

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No I have a jewelry glass I can see fairly well with. I know it not the same. Does help some though

You get what you pay for, but you can get a digital microscope (40-1000x) on amazon for <$30

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I wouldn’t cut all your leaves off because that’s where your sugars are coming from let them shrivel up and die off then cut them off just saying but they do look beautiful


I didn’t cut them all I left a cple big leaves and a couple smaller ones per branch

Has anyone used overdrive from advanced nutrients I m planning on using last three weeks of feeding then a good flush with water for a week.

Yes Dr. Zymes is amazing as it says, it works

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