I think I bought wrong fertilizer NEED HELP

I still don’t understand fully. In the feeding chart it says 1g
2.0 EC
I know I should mix the liquid food with water before feeding but how do I know how much water to mix the 1g with before feeding? I know very, very little about any of the feeding process or the abbreviations. I am very determined to learn and become a great grower. I am growing for me and my family to save money by smoking our own buds and I find it really fulfilling to grow a big beautiful plant. Sort of like therapy for me. I’ve downloaded every thing ILGM has sent me to learn from but still have questions because I am growing in pots that I move everyday to get best sunlight, total darkness and protection so I’m trying to piece everything I’m learning to fit my situation. So PLEASE bear with me. Mic

For NPK is 7-5-17 ok during flowering

if you flush her she will drown and die

yes it is @mic you should have instrutions on the packge of nutrient you bought. Shoud teell you how much water to use