I suspect I've done something wrong

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I received my BB seeds on or about the 20th or 23rd of March. I followed your instruction to soak 24 hours and then planted 1/2" deep in Miracle Grow seed starter mix. The first seed sprouted in 3 days with a second seed sprouting 2 days after that. The remaining 3 seeds never sprouted. I removed them today for pictures to send to you and one was cracked open like it attempted to sprout. I suspect I’ve done something wrong. I’ve been trying to grow them for outdoor transplant in May but the way they are growing I’m not sure the one semi healthy plant will make it. The one seedling is dying. I’d hoped they would have multiple leaves on them after 10 - 15 days.
Any suggestions.

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Welcome to the Forum. If there ever was a reason to join the forum this is it. There are lots of folks here tha can help along the way.
From the picture some of your seed cups look dry. Do you have any kind of grow light? If your not going to be putting them out till May they will stretch sitting in a window. Join us and we’ll help get going


Ill add this as well you want min 8 hours of direct sunlight on them so if you have less in that hitting that window streaching may be a issue with mostly indirect sun light
Also try supporting them and misting soil to jeep top layer moist
How tall is your dome ?

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