I suck at this so far!

I bought 5 seeds. Started with 3, know what I did wrong there. RIP. Planted 2 in Jiffy Pete pellets. Pulled the netting off and planted in Happy Monkey. One popped right up. Started fine, now 8 days old. One leaf suddenly turned down. Watering so first couple in are damp, letting dry (a day or 2), watering again. Any thoughts? Thanks!!


Looks dry. Just my eyes. A dome will help you . I know we always say little water but too dry bad also.


what are your temps and RH, like @storm stated, might need some domes

Hummidity, can you give it more? I just put my seedling in the small tent with Humidifier & my cloning machine, it seems to be much happier :blush:


are you sure they’re not skittles with all those cool colors? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Put a dome on, thanks! Not sure on pH - Happy Monkey, nothing else mixed in…

@Skeebone333 sometimes these girls just start out as ugly ducklings…the dome should give her a comfy environment to get her feet under her over the next few days. Mist into the cup so there’s moisture available to her in the air under there.

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Get a spray bottle that will work add a little molassesto it