I Suck At Growing :(

Yeah it was my first try at trying to grow in the hydroponic setup. I had four plants looking good the three weeks and then they started to fail on me. I think I got fungus gnats and they all died. I started two new ones and they haven’t sprouted yet. I’m starting to think I’m not good at growing inside and I Hydroponics set-up

What kind of hydro set up do you have? Any pics of the old plants? Tons of great people here to help you get it right this time!


Tty outdoor that should be fun

Strain; watermelon skittles from pyramid seeds

Hydroponic three and a half gallon Reservoir. Grandma’s secret garden whole setup you can look it up online.https://g.co/kgs/CFPPHH

PH between 5.5 -6.5

Using 3 part advanced nutrients MICRO, GROW ,BLOOM nutrient mix. as Stated on instructions.

Indoor . Mars Hydro

Temps; Day 80-87 , Night - 77-80

Humidity; 40-70

Ventilation system; Yes

AC- yes Humidifier- yes, De-humidifier- yes

Co2; Yes
I think I might have messed up on the nutrients part. I was using the three-part micro grow bloom from advanced nutrients. And I must have undershot what was instructed on the bottle. I only put for Mel for my 2 gallon Reservoir. Does anybody have any experience using that

So I am still pretty new, but from what I understand you should cut the manufacturer recommend dose of nutrients in half.
Again, just my opinion, but looks like it could have been nutrient burn.

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Maybe someone more experienced can assist.
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What was your ppm going in last? Looks like it’s a bit of nutrient burn, but difficult to say with no numbers.

Or just a beat up leaf. What’s the whole plant look like?

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At first my ppm’s were between 250 and 360. And with these new seedlings that have them around 500 because I thought I was giving them way less nutrients then

instructed on the bottle. It says 4 milliliters per liter. There’s 7 ml in 2 gallons. I was only putting just 4 milliliters.

How much room do you have between the bottom of the net pot and the water level? What are your water temps?

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With the other plants I had some Roots I had them about an inch and a half 2 inch away from the net potting. Now I started
new seeds and I have them just touching the bottom of the rapid Rooter plugs

Water temps 66-74

Did you google a feeding chart yet as suggested in the other post ? That is very important and at that stage 150 to 200ppm will be sufficient

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What are you running for air stones ?
Is this fan blowing inside your Rez?


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I have one air stone giving some good oxygen in the water. That fan is not blowing in the rez. I did Google the feeding chart for the 3 part nutes

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I’m not a hydro grower but one of those first pics looks like a Soil grow would Look like if it was over watered ( lack of oxygen) saggy , bloated leaves

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The distance from the net pot to the solution is fairly critical. In a hydro setup, the root serves 2 distinct functions. The part that is in the solution is doing the feeding, the part that is between the solution and the net pot is doing the air part. If the air part is too small the plant suffers.


Leaf spots and purple stems. Double check your net distances and throw another air stone in there for good measure.

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What do the purple stems mean?
My plants had a bit of purple in the stems, of which 90% went away.

It presents itself in a few scenarios. You can get purple stems from genetics which is harmless, or mag deficiencies , over watering and phosphorus deficiencies Prob a few more I don’t know about too. @Siksr

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Thank you so much I really appreciate all the help from all you Growers on this. I’m going to keep asking questions if I get more problems which I probably will.

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