I stuffed up PLEASE HELP

I replanted seedlings but the soil mix had too much fertiliser in it. Are they saveable? I replanted them into a seedling mix. Were only in wrong soil for 30 hours.


The soil looks really wet and compacted for a young seedling. How many days above ground? Cannabis is very resilient after they’ve put some roots down but need very little water. Those tiny roots need oxygen to grow and overwatering will drown them. Let the medium dry out a good bit :love_you_gesture:


4 weeks or so since placed in peat moss after seeds germinated on cotton wool. Will ease back on water as well. Thankyou.

I’d be cautious with the medium they’re in. All those little yellow balls are nutrient wads, and they release over time as you water. Like OG said, let that soil dry up for a couple days. In soil, even when the top looks dry, there’s still a good bit of moisture underneath. It’s always good idea to pick up the container when it’s dried and after watering. The weight of wet vs dry is a good indicator of whether or not they need a drink.

Hope this helps. Good luck and happy growing!

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