I seem to have a defiency

Hi, I am getting a bit nervous. Can you tell me what is going on with my plants. I was thinking maybe a calcium deficiency so I added some Cal-Mag. but it’s getting worse. I stopped nutrients all together (Using Fox farm trio). in soil. My PH was running a bit low mostly. Around 4 and a little up using water test and strips. Pics attached.

Thanks!! any help is greatly appreciated!

would say Mag def myself

Fill out a support ticket , the more information you give us , is the better help we can give in return . Pictures sometimes are worth a thousand words , but if we don’t what you did and how , it’s pretty hard for even the science office MacG to know exactly what’s wrong with a plant from just a photo . Help us with more info in a support ticket and the better we can help you get things straighten out .

This is not a bit low, this is extremely low. Even for hydro. The target pH for hydro is 5.8 and no lower than about 5.4 and no higher than 6.2 and the pH for true soil, 6.5 with no lower than 6.2 and no higher than about 6.8

If you are growing in coco or a peat mix soil-less media, then the pH might be between these ranges depending on how much soil-like amendments are present in the soil-less media such as worm casings or bat guano.


ok got PH under control. running about 6-6.5. run off about the same. Last couple weeks of flowering. not gonna add any more Nutes. just flushing with properly PH water. I obviously didn’t pay enough attention to PH. But symptoms seem to have stop spreading.


I would continue cal-mag in ph water , only 2.5 ml to a gallon and 1 ml of molasses . If you on 12/12 , I’ll change it to 10/14 to get that added extra resin production before it finishes . That’s Just in my opinion of what I would do , if you have not experience that method . But keep us posted and let’s us know the overall outcome will you .

Thanks Yoshi, I will continue to add the cal-mag. And thanks for telling me the dosage. I really had no idea of how much to add. Molasses Hu? What does that do? Never thought about changing the day - night time. Makes sense. The girls are definitely doing better. It stopped spreading, whatever it was, and I even see new growth. I’ll continue to watch the PH much more closely. I’ll up date in about a week.


yoshi says:

I check my phone each and every time I water and feed . Molasses feed the micro organisms in the soil , and helps you trichomes to get oily . Have you ever smoked and when it burned , the end of the joint or rello would be real brown and oily like Sapp. But yes a longer dark period help builds more crystals , and the plant drinks more water , so it helps to dry out the soil ah Lil faster , I’ve read where the longer dark period cause the plant to go into some kind of safe mode , and it produces more trichomes , I don’t know the science book terms of what , but I have experience it in my last 2 grows and it do helps . You would have to take a before picture and after to really see the difference , are you will notice it right off . If it stopped , than its was because of the PH swinging to low to fast , and if you got it back where it needs to be, than yeah the plant will begin to thrice normally . We glad you got it under control quickly , before it could of been costly to your yield .

That last response was suppose to say ; "I check my PH every time I water or feed " , I was on my phone replying through yahoo. Spell check oops .

When it comes to molasses there is differing thoughts. Here is a post from MacG on it.

JtheH that’s where I’ve read it , from my thoughts it helps what’s in the soil , not just the plant .

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