I SEE YELLOW on my fan leaves 🍁

below shows my 2 week old Bruce banner auto and I’ve just noticed that they are starting to turn yellow at the tip of the fan leaves… my light is at 19” from top of plant (spider farmer sf2000) I’m using ffarm ocean forest an no nutes at the time jus PH water … is this due to light burn or no nutesimage

Overall leaf color looks good. I zoomed in on pic and circled what I think you are talking about. If so it’s likely a little burn from FF OF soil. I don’t think you have anything to worry about yet. I use OF and rarely have issues that with time, continues to cause a problem. Obviously keep your eye on it and if worsens then post pics of it and possibly fill out support ticket. Don’t start another thread just come back to this post and update. I will set to watch and if we can’t figure out what is going on then we’ll tag some more experienced growers to help. :+1:


Looks good to me. No worries!

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My SD and Bergman’s GL autos had the same thing. FFOF is a little hot, I’m also growing some bag seed photos and I didn’t see it on them. From reading (I’m on first grow please keep this in mind) autos are more sensitive to nutes than photos are.
For future reference: Stay away from adding nutes to watering for between 5-6 weeks when using FFOF. My tip burn had gone away between weeks 2.5 - 4 and I added in 1/2 strength nutes and the burn on the tips came back (Some growers say as long as it stays on the tips it is something to note, you’ve pushed your girl(s) to the limit on nutes if you push harder the burn will travel down the leaf and then it’s a problem. This tip burn will let you to know to back off a little on the nutes). @MrPeat also uses the same soil. He told me to stay away until week 6 and he grows some bigguns’ and has way more experience than I.


Brand new FFOF soil don’t need nutrients till about the 6th week above ground. That is why I say use Happy Frog till you get experience because you really have to be Johnny Appleseed when using brand new FFOF soil.

I planted a few seeds in brand new FFOF and rhey didn’t make it. Now my Lemon Haze Auto loves it. :+1:

So it could even possibly be a strain thing too it sounds like? Some may like it more/less acidic, higher/lower PPMs and be just fine with it but another may not even make it past seedling stage with the same values?

It could be any number of things. I’m not good at identifying because I am lucky and don’t experience any problems till I let the leaves get consumed of all nutrients at the end.

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Better knock on wood lol

When you have your system dialed in, there is no need to knock on wood. I learned my system by trial and error. Like so many growers have as well. :+1:

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How long/many have you grown?

I have lost track how many I have grown. I wasn’t on a forum till Sept 23, 2019 and I have been growing non-stop since May 2018.

Looks like it could grow a bit more! You are getting closer to harvest every day!
Have fun!

@malone it is best to keep seedlings in flushed coco and only give them pH water. Seedlings can be damaged very easily by nutrients. I like to keep seedlings in a solo cup till week 3 and then transplant to a 3 gal then to their forever home. Once they are transplanted you can begin giving them nutes. Doing it this way maximizes their growth potential which is paramount for auto flowers.

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I did not transplant my autos I planted them right in the 3 gal pot

Yes I have bAg photos growing as well in my FoxxfRm and don’t see any yellow on them

I will take note on my next purchase of soil… but when using happy frog… do you really need to add anything to it or jus ph water and when to start using nutes when Happy frog

Just pH water for about 30 to 45 days. The plant will show you when she is thirsty for nutrients. :+1:

I jus Noticed brown spots on my leaves now. Is this due to lack of calcium… I havent given my girls any cal mag at all So far

Plant is fine: roll a doobie and go AHHH!

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Here’s another plant I think it may be to lack of calcium… any thoughts :question::question: