I Scrogged and broke my lady

I scrogged my ww but snapped her in half, I have used bandaids hopefully it helps her…also when should I change my lighting to 12/12

thanks all any input it most welcomed as I am a newbie


Honey on the break before the band-aide will help too.


Ok thanks I will do that

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@Bruiser when they are 12 to 18 inches tall I would switch your light but first put them in the dark no more than three days total you’ll reinvent them back to vegg or stresss or turn it to a hermit than it your swith after you let sit in dark than start running them on 12/12

In this stage you should start seeing your pre flowers your white pistils the hairs growing in between your nodes in 7-14 days it takes since iv been reading a lot the pros say it could take even longer especially with led lights cause they grow slower @BetrayedSoul posted a post about going to flower stage it’s really interesting and good

What kind is that you have a sativa or indicas

It’s a feminised white widow, about 4 weeks old

@Bulldognuts might need some help here

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@Bruiser I was doing some training on my girl early on and snapped the top off. LoL it happens. On this plant I just topped it at break. On a previous grow I snapped one and just taped it up with electrical tape and it healed fine. If cought rite away just tape is fine. If it’s a bit after snap add the honey to it for sure.

So this is my current plant. It’s so funny. All I had was silver tape.

I think we might need a gif specialist like @kaptain3d.


What about?

Bulldog’s nuts ?

Snapped the top off ?

Let me know, and I’ll see what I can come out with :crazy_face:


@Bruiser looks good you got just enough room there it’s spread out to all four corners of tour tent that net is soft or hard?

@kaptain3d bulldog nuts are small :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


@Bruiser I would put it in flower :cherry_blossom: f I had that plant it’s going to a bigge I don’t want to tell you what to do man I think it’s ready

That’s one way to see it… :wink:
I was only referring to @Bulldognuts sanity! :crazy_face:


Our teachers say it can triple in size from the forums iv read the Bible book

I think I will have to start a new journal. I should help @pptrsha1 with some of the burden of remaining calm.


I’m willing to help! She needs/deserves it :crazy_face:

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